Rumor: HTC DROID Incredible 4G to hit the streets by May 31st


We have no idea if Verizon will be getting globally expected devices like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3, but many Big Red customers are also waiting for the rumored HTC DROID Incredible 4G. And it seems you won’t have to wait that much longer, as the latest rumors are indicating that the Incredible 4G will be released on May 31st.

Enough proof that the device is close to its release has already come around. The extended battery is already available, The DROID Incredible 2 has reached its end-of-life, and the device even appeared briefly at Verizon’s Droid Does website. This rumor just might be the right one.

We have seen multiple rumored release dates, but CTIA is just around the corner, and odds are in favor of a DROID Incredible 4G announcement. We will definitely be there to bring you all the juicy details, so stay tuned for next week’s CTIA coverage.

But tell us guys, could this be your next device?

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  1. Been waiting for this, but the $299 has me hesitating. Not cool :-(

    1. That $299 price on DroidDoes.com was in reference to the Razr Maxx. No word on Incredible 4G pricing yet.

      1. Im going to guess like 200 bucks >.> its not really a high end phone its more of a mid

        1. @thebeeobee:disqus, the ad pic at top of this page shows $299. Sure hope it’s wrong. 0-o

          1. They erroneously put that up on droiddoes.com on the Razr Maxx page. All the links, when you clicked on them, led to Razr Maxx pages, etc.

            That’s not an “ad”, it’s a page from droiddoes.

            You can find more info of the incident here. http://www.engadget.com/2012/04/23/htc-droid-incredible-4g-lte/

      2. Even at $200, it still is painful knowing people get the One X for that price and if they pre-ordered got the One X for $150.

  2. Rezound is still better

    1. I guess… I mean I feel it’s kind of a wash since the Dinc4G has an S4 and sense 4.0

    2. If this is anything like the One S, it’ll have S4 ‘Krait’ CPU w/4G LTE integrated in for better battery life, 1GB RAM, vastly improved f/2.0 camera, thinner, lighter, possibly a AMOLED display. Hmm I’m pretty sure this will be better than the Rezound.

      Then again, once it’s rooted and fully supported on CM9.

    3. Rezound overheats, goes into reboot loops, needs to be recharged before noon… It’s a pretty flawed phone that looks good on paper.

      If the Incredible 4G doesn’t have those problems, it’s a huge upgrade.

      Not to mention NFC, Sense 4.0, newer Bluetooth Protocol, better GFX, etc.

      1. all rezounds, or just yours? the rezound in my possession does NONE of that.

    4. That’s only true if the Rezound and the AT&T One X are equal (which they aren’t).

  3. We’ll know the REAL details on Monday when they announce them at CTS. Everything else in regards to price and release date is just speculation.

    1. EDIT: meant CTIA.

    2. We don’t know for sure if they’ll announce it there. If it’s there we’ll know the specs but probably not the release date

    3. I’m crossing all my fingers, lol

  4. No phone in the world exists except the Galaxy SIII!!!!

  5. Pass… it seems this thing has been dragging out. Also, I’m surprised VZW would want this to compete with the likes of the Galaxy SIII and probably the Fighter HD.

  6. I’ve always had Incredibles and I’m considering switching back to HTC from my Gnex. I have not been happy with this phone at all. I also really like the functional additions sense makes to android with the dialer and contacts etc. They also integrate Facebook completely where stock ICS does nothing.

  7. This phone…doesn’t…ilol

  8. This seems like an amazing phone in pretty much every way but i just cant drop below a 4.3″ screen anymore. If it has a 4.5″+ hd screen i would be flipping out for this one.

  9. $300 Verizon? Really? This is damn near a midrange spec’d phone. Some phones are approaching EOL with similar spec’s, in fact. Yall must think your chit dont stank!!!

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