N.O.V.A. 3 for Android trailer shows Halo influence [video]


Gameloft just caught a sale before the game is even out. I’m talking about N.O.V.A. 3, and their new gameplay trailer is mouth watering in a couple of different ways. For starters, these are some damn good graphics for a mobile game. While most developers aim to develop for the largest group of phones possible, Gameloft wasn’t afraid to push things to the limit.

And to top off what should be fun shooter gameplay, you can tell the team drew a lot of inspiration from Halo. Even some of the maps and environments are reminiscent of Master Chief-infused intergalactic warfare. Let’s not even get started on what I think could be a warthog. Grab a look at the trailer above!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is so much like Halo that it feels less like paying “Homage” to Halo and more like directly ripping it off.

    1. what wrong with a good space/alien shooter on mobile platform? its not that close to halo

    2. If you had a closer look at the screenshots, you’d know that this game is ripping off more than Halo, it’s also ripping off CryEngine. Imagine that. A CryEngine game on your tablet, that runs on some stupid integrated graphics that, when found on netbooks, can’t let you play shit! And yet people are still buying netbooks!

  2. the first two were like halo this one is like Crysis.

    1. Wich is great offcourse because MS won’t make a game for Android :)
      So i’m glad someone is trying to give that experiance because HALO is freaking awesome!

      1. I totally agree I don’t get why people get upset when they ripoff other games because all the original developers aren’t going to make them for mobile devices. I’d rather have a ripoff than nothing at all.

  3. this is just pure awesome… addition of walkers is sexy… 

    can’t wait to get my LTEVO with Media-link and a Bluetooth controller 

  4. I’d bee all over these games if they supported Bluetooth controllers

    1. NOVA does, im using a PS3 remote on my GTab 10.1 with NOVA 2

  5. I really like their Gangstar game series, but the Nova series doesn’t really interest me and Modern Combat 3’s online multiplayer was ruined by hackers.

  6. those are some BAD ASS graphics

  7. can not watch it  in china ,pathetic~~~

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