Rumor: Sprint to introduce Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE this year


Rumor has it Sprint wants to bring us a sequel to the Motorola Photon 4G of yesteryear. Following in the EVO 4G LTE’s naming footsteps, this device will apparently get a simple tweak to its name – Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. Don”t be surprised if the “Q” is dropped and we end up with “Motorola Photon 4G LTE.”

Unfortunately, the name, its LTE radios and its existence are the only things we have to get excited about as PocketNow’s source couldn’t offer more details. It’s possible that the “Q” is more meaningful than we though, though, as the lone letter tends to signify a device with a QWERTY keyboard, but that’s just a rough guess. With the Samsung Galaxy S III coming up and the EVO 4G LTE on its way, would you buy it?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Sprint reassures us that the Epic 4G Touch is receiving Ice Cream Sandwich this year

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  1. Q for “QWERTY”, or Q for “Quad-Core”?

    1. this…. the last MoPho was tegra 2…. anyone thinking q is quad and it’ll have tegra 3???

      1. it would have to come out pretty late in the year to be tegra 3 LTE

      2. Could be Q for Qualcomm since Motorola is rumored to switch to Qualcomm silicon for some future devices, but I doubt its going to be Tegra 3. Even with Nvidia saying it will have chips that’ll play nice with  LTE by years end, that’s still an unproven claim.

  2. ltevoooooo

  3. “Q” for quad-core?

  4. I think I’m going to drop Sprint

    1. asta la vista baby!!! just make sure that if you going to Verizon they no longer probating any grease so bring your own, you going to need it.


    Seriously… what’s the deal with these names?

    1. haha i know, Sprint doesn’t have the best marketing department obviously….

      EVO 4g LTE should have, in all honesty been named the EVO x or something

      1. Verizon does it to:
        Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

        Or AT&T:
        AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

        Although Sprint had:
        Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

        It’s like an ebay seller trying to attach every single name to their listing.

    2. You forgot CNN, MSNBC, DARPA, GSM, HSPA, FUCK

  6. Sprint is so fare behind…they keep coming out with oldish phones that the other guys had out long ago.

    1. Please explain your reasoning?

    2. you know any specs on this phone?

      the Gnex, yes its a little old… everything else sprint gets on time compared to US carriers

      LTEVO will be the best spec’d phone available when it hits, that makes them ahead, not behind

  7. Such negativity for the Photon, it was a good phone, better than the EVO 3D by a long shot and it has the best radio of any Sprint smartphone EVER. I myself kept it after trying the 3D and the Epic 4G Touch

    1. “I myself kept it after trying the 3D and the Epic 4G Touch” 

      Oh If that is the case than it MUST be the best radio EVER…  /s

  8. As I have been generally pleased by my Photon, I would consider this phone. However, being an enthusiast and not being able to have a fully unlocked phone from Moto on Sprint would put me off. The phone is a great piece of hardware, but with Sprint’s crap 3g signal in my area right now, I have to rely on 4g for even decent 3g speeds; unlocking for custom roms makes that a no-go. 

    Also, from hearing from several Sprint Techs, the Photon was the red-headed stepchild of the company and got basically no marketing or technical support to allow it to be a success. That in and of itself is a good warning to stay away from further devices.

    Also, as to the name, when will Sprint learn that the name of the device just has to be cool and imply the power, but not too detailed?

  9. Oh, I am so mad.  I just ordered the Nexus .  I have the Photon 4G, but deactivated it cause Motorola is so d*** slow getting ICS out.  I have the Xoom WiFi and they were fast.  Don’t want to wait a millenium for a phone with ICS, having it on my Xoom. Wake up Motorola and get your “shift in gear”.

  10. if it has the battery that the Razor Maxx has I would buy it.

  11. That’s nice, and all, but where is the Galaxy Note?

  12. i think the Q could clearly stand for Qwerty. that was the case with the Windows Mobile OG Moto Q? No? as i understood it, it had only a ful qwerty and a scroll wheel rather than touch support.

  13. I would much rather they got a version of the razr maxx with an improved screen if at all possible and better camera.

  14. Sprint needs to makes sure they have the GSIII ready to go on global launch day!


  15. Sprint handed the photon miserably …it launched just a month before the iphone did in sprint…and all the promos always were towards the iphone.I left sprint and still wonder how come such a great phone never got the respect it deserved.It was all sprint’s poor marketing of it!

    1. The Photon was released the end of July. The iPhone came in mid October….

  16. I agree. Springs marketing is just awful. The Photon was the best phone they carried until the SGII was released.

    The Photon’s only downfall is the locked bootloader. I’m one of the lucky ones that has 4g wherever I go and I don’t want to give that up by unlocking the bootloader.

  17. My wife likes her photon, but, it was plagued with text issues and the worst camera I have ever seen on a phone.  If they can make it similar to the Razr HD or Maxx, this would be a awesome phone.

  18. I really wish they would drop the 4G LTE moniker on every damn phone that comes with LTE. Simple is better. Just call it the MoPho Q. Name recognition goes a long way in marketing.

  19. Covert-well maybe my comment was alittle hard on Sprint…but they did come out with two lat er that iknow. The iphone and the Nexus…wait ithink they were late with the Galaxy tab as well if that counts.

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