Would Instagram have been better off in Twitter’s hands?


Instagram’s Android release recently shook the Android (and iOS) ecosystem. A huge number of users had been waiting for the image filtering and sharing app to reach Android devices. But such release was overshadowed by the news that were to come some days later. Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, an acquisition that upset many users.

The main complain was that Facebook has a rather bad reputation with image politics. The social network giant holds rights over any image uploaded to users’ profiles, whether it is a simple memory or a master piece. But would things have been better if another company acquired Instagram?

Recent reports have been stating that Twitter had plans to purchase Instagram, as well. Not many details are known, and the plan could have simply been an idea that never got executed. But people seem to complain much less about Twitter, in comparison with Facebook.

We still have to wait and see what Facebook does with Instagram in the future. It might not be such a horrible idea, after all. But what do you guys think about the matter? Would Instagram be better off in Twitter’s hands? Do you think it shouldn’t have been sold at all?

[Source: The New York Times Via: Electronista]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. App wise, both acquisition would probably end up screwing the app anyway. Well look at that lame ass facebook and twitter app. Urgh, and tweetdeck. Sigh.

  2. Who cares, its a rubbish app, Lightbox is much better and much smaller ( I have no idea why this is 13M).

    Facebook have basically bought it with monopoly money, some cash and fb shares, which are also massively overvalued.  If this type of things continues we are looking at another .com bust, 2 companies that have never made a decent profit trading for billions is crazy and very dangerous for the economy. 

    1. i got no friends use lightbox.. no point of using it. 

      1. You have friends on other social networks right? Use the filters and post to those networks. I don’t understand the obsession with the camera app having its own network or the need to have friends on that network to find the app useful.

        1. Because within that app we communicate and you meet new friends that aren’t a part of your other social circles. It’s not all about sharing on the other sites..I share maybe 2 out of every 5 pics I post and I stay at like 100 comments every picture.

  3. It shouldn’t have been sold. Or bought by Twitter or Google. Instagram has sold its soul (to the devil :P – I don’t like Facebook!). I now choose for Streamzoo. Android / Galaxy Nexus

    1. which lightbox? i just looked on the store and there are loads called lightbox

      1. Lightbox Photos seems to be the most popular, so it’s probably that one, but try Streamzoo, as mentioned in original post. I switched to it after trying them both out. Streamzoo is much better, Although Instagram is a smoother when scroling thru pics, when conparing the 2. That’s the only plus I find.

  4. Yes. I believe that if twitter were to have purchased Instagram, twitter would have more closely kept to Instagram’s soul. More Instagram pictures are tweeted than posted to facebook. Many teens and young adults are leaving facebook and migrating to twitter. I’ll say it now: Facebook is past it’s prime, and twitter still has a long way to go. If facebook takes Instagram down with it, it will be a sad day.

    TL;DR I would have had Instagram stay a separate entity, but if it HAD to be purchased, it should have been purchased by twitter.

    1. Agreed. Twitter would have been a much better fit! :)

    2. If you honestly believe Facebook is past it’s prime then you are blind.  As much as I hate to admit it; Facebook is no where near the end.

  5. What was needed, regardless of ownership, is to decouple Instagram the app from Instagram the network.  This was never a big deal on iOS because there weren’t many alternative camera apps.  Not so on Android.  It would be ideal if Instagram the network was opened to posting via other apps as well.  Then Instagram the app would have to compete with others for dominance, benefiting consumers as the app developers try to make their product better than the rest,

  6. Twitter would have had MUCH better integration as far as UI. But Facebook wants to perfect there facial recognition then sell it to companies in a few years from now… Smmh

  7. the twitter android app is pretty crap and there are just enough reasons to be concerned about twitter storing peoples data un necessarily as there are with facebook.
    Who cares,m just use the app if you want to or …dont

  8. I don’t use or care about Facebook nor Instagram so what does it matter…

    1. And yet you felt compelled about it enough to comment. Well done.

      1. It’s still a billion dollar purchase in a devastated economy. I pay attention to anything that can severely affect the economy.

        1. But now you contradicted your original post.  :/

  9. No, instagram is dumb.

    1. as much as I agree with you, [its just some dumbass lomo effect] it does turn freakin ugly cell phone pictures to just ugly cell phone pictures lol

  10. Twitter would’ve been a far better choice IMO, I thought they were going to be the ones to buy them. 

  11. Who cares? Instagram is pointless

  12. I loath facebook to the point of having nothing to do with them or companies they own.. so bye bye Instagram hello Vignette.

    1. Vignette is the way to go. I’ve been using it for a long time and the developers Neil and Theresa deserve a big thanks for their support. They really work hard to get their app to work across the whole Android platform. Their efforts pretty much embarrass any developer who whines about fragmentation.

      Also consider this: Instagram for Apple, 2010. Instagram for Android, 2012. Vignette for Android, 2009!!!!

      Support those who have supported Android and not those who have finally decided there might be a profit.

      1. Problem is the tech media won’t hype Android apps like they will iOS apos. Android could have a better app and have it first but the tech media will make the iOS app the talk of the tech world. Its time the Android community from bloggers to users start finding ways to get this kind of hype for the Android developers that do an outstanding job and don’t gimp apps just so they can release on iOS as well.

        1. You know we’re dealing with people who believe that Apple invented the notifications bar and notifications bar widgets as well as believing that the 4 in their phone names means 4G, right? You have a great idea, I’m just saying…

  13. Ummm…. who cares, Edgar?

  14. no.. twitter has less money and less people use it than facebook.   Also, FB has photo gallery integration.  twitter doesn’t and isn’t meant to.

  15. Instagram SUCKS, I downloaded yesterday to see what all the fuss was about I deleted the same day, I like ‘afterfocus’ a hell of a lot better

  16. They’re both shit, 1 is for stalkers to follow strangers and the other is for people who have hundreds of friends but no “real life” friends or a whole host of people they actually wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire … I’ll let you decide which is which.

  17. instagram is crap….use pixlr-o-matic..ull see 

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