Apr 14th, 2012

Instagram’s Android release recently shook the Android (and iOS) ecosystem. A huge number of users had been waiting for the image filtering and sharing app to reach Android devices. But such release was overshadowed by the news that were to come some days later. Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, an acquisition that upset many users.

The main complain was that Facebook has a rather bad reputation with image politics. The social network giant holds rights over any image uploaded to users’ profiles, whether it is a simple memory or a master piece. But would things have been better if another company acquired Instagram?

Recent reports have been stating that Twitter had plans to purchase Instagram, as well. Not many details are known, and the plan could have simply been an idea that never got executed. But people seem to complain much less about Twitter, in comparison with Facebook.

We still have to wait and see what Facebook does with Instagram in the future. It might not be such a horrible idea, after all. But what do you guys think about the matter? Would Instagram be better off in Twitter’s hands? Do you think it shouldn’t have been sold at all?

[Source: The New York Times Via: Electronista]