Verizon expands 4G LTE coverage in the West


Verizon is bent on blanketing the entire US in a warm and cozy quilt of 4G, announcing a series of expansions that will bring LTE coverage to new markets in California and Nevada. Markets with expanded coverage include Stockton, Fresno, Monterey, and the San Francisco Bay area. The sole city outside of the Golden State to benefit from the latest network additions is Reno.

Verizon has been ramping up its 4G rollouts as competition heats up with the other major carriers. AT&T has already introduced its new LTE network, while Sprint is set to launch their own network utilizing the technology in the coming months.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Moar coverage in LA!  I mean sure we have tons already, but there are some tiny spots on the trains and certain areas in my house where I drop down to 3G.  UNACCEPTABLE!  =)

  2. Nevada is the silver state.

  3. Competition = good!!! Good for r&d. Good for prices. Good for consumers!

  4. how about some FN love for the few MILLION people in the high desert.. there is not 1 4G option up here… NOT ONE!!  I would ALMOST pay verizons RE-FN-DICULOUS prices if i were able to get 4g in the high desert!

  5. And even though Corvallis, and Albany Oregon have been on 4 G for about a month now I see no mention of it here.

    1. If you’re spending your time watching for when your city is mentioned on this site, then you have way too much time on your hands.

  6. Read about this yesterday. If Sprint takes notes from Verizon on how to aggressively roll out an LTE network, they’ll definitely be on the right track to redemption. If it turns into another WiMax debacle, I don’t see them surviving the next five years. I would love to see VZW, Sprint and TMo on pretty equal footing, coverage-wise. More options=agressive competition, which can = better for the consumer (of course they could also get together and do a little price-fixing, but hopefully that doesn’t happen).

    1. You need a competent CEO in order to be successful.  Sprint bet $20 bill (that it doesn’t have) on the iPhone 5; T-Mo has been trying to sell itself per the German parent comp’s instructions.  

      VZW and ATT are the only ones investing in the future of telecommunications with its VZW’s fiber optic lines and ATT’s planned 4G LTE

      1. I have to agree with you. Sprint’s track-record is abyssmal, and as you said, they don’t have a competent CEO (sorry guys, doing commercials with a little dictionary and telling people what ‘unlimited’ means is cute PR, but is in no way helping your business model). DT doesn’t want T-Mo (hopefully, they will stay T-Mo, and not be absorbed, although I wouldn’t count on it. AT&T…I just don’t like AT&T, never have, probably never will, and their building penetration and overall signal sucks in most of my area, and a lot of others. People always complain how expensive Verizon is, and yes, they are going to cost more than, say, Sprint or T-Mo, but look at what Verizon did in a bit over a year deploying LTE. I just don’t see that ever happening with Sprint, as you said, the iPhone effed them pretty good (or should I say, they effed themselves with the iPhone?)
         I don’t know what kind of fiber optic cables Sprint plans on using (it seems as though you know what you’re talking about, so I’ll refrain from a redundant explanation), but the FO that VZW uses was developed by Alcatel-Lucent and initially deployed in Dallas, TX by VZW. The last I had heard, A-L has those commercially available, although I don’t know if any contracts were ever entered into with any of the carriers (possible, but not likely).
         It’s funny how many people think that signals jump from tower-to-tower across the country (or continent) and back.
         If I remember correctly, ther A-L FO cables are capable of single-strand throughput of 150GBps (may be wrong, don’t feel like checking up on it at ther moment). Advances in wavelength division multiplexing has been making leaps and bounds. This is not a new discovery, but is a good indicator of what the not very distant future holds.

         I hope that I manage to stay grandfathered into unlimited Verizon data forever, but I doubt that’ll last past my next contract or two.

  7. I hope placerville gets 4G soon.. lol

  8. And still no ICS for anyone….

  9. Still no LTE north of San Rafael or Sacramento, so most of NorCal still doesn’t have LTE. Come on VZ, get some LTE to the North State!

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