The Feinger Is Probably The Best Smartphone Accessory Ever – Pop It, Lock It, You Won’t Drop It [Humor]


If you were looking for a “must-have” accessory for your Android device, look no further than the Feinger. The Feinger effectively attaches you, to your smartphone, in a way you never thought possible. Using a plastic nipple that attaches to your smartphone, the Feinger features an elastic neoprene finger sleeve that, when attached, will eliminate all fears of your device ever taking a spill. Eat, drink, even do a little mountain climbing. When you need to make a call or stalk your friends on Facebook, you can make sure your smartphone is never more than a flip of the wrist away.

Not only is it the Feinger the best smartphone accessory ever made, it also features the catchiest jingle I’ve ever seen. In all my life. Seriously. You’re going to want to turn your speakers up for this one. Enjoy.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. no

  2. Uuuuuh no?

  3. This just made my night. If you seriously need this to keep your phone safe, you’re a danger to yourself and anyone around you.

  4. Stupid.

  5. wish i had more 4 thumbs to give this 4 thumbs down!

  6. Best accessory ever if you don’t mind a giant phone as a ring.

    1. Swag!!

  7. Don’t worry only iPhone users need it.

    1. Haha true facts. I could say, “The things like… Made of glass! Oh wait. It is.” Talk about a quality product.

      1. I guess you haven’t seen this.

      2. For those of you who didn’t see ‘guest’ and his comment, he was flaming that “Crapdroids are made of cheap a** plastic lmao, iPhones could be made of cardboard and they’d be a more quality product”
        Haters gonna hate. ;)

        1. Good thing I deleted it then.

  8. wtf

  9. Just like when iphone uses found out we had instagram


    This should have a stamp
    “made for iphone ” :-)

  10. ewww….. looks stupid, why would I want to attach something like that to the back of my beautiful phone????

  11. I wouldn’t attach it to my finger but it seems I could find a use for it in the car, or also for my iTouch in the car

  12. The iSheep can have the middle Feinger

  13. “Using a plastic nipple that attaches to your smartphone” Well that is definitely going on my list of sentences I didn’t think I would see on a tech news site…

    Actually I would use the kickstand on my old Evo to get a better grip on it. Was pretty handy. Didn’t really stand up too well unless it was on a perfectly level surface, but it made it easier to hold.

  14. The only reason I would get this is to put an image of a big fat middle finger on the springboard and then show it to someone…..

    I’m not double sided sticky taping anything to my handset, and I’m sure as hell not going to wear the damn thing.

  15. I can’t wait till someone invents the thing that lets me put my handset in my mouth like a grill.

  16. In all seriousness, how can they think this is going to take off?  It’s totally ugly and not useful.  What if you hold your hand upside down?

    1.  Never underestimate the stupidity of the buying public.

  17. Hmm, I tend to believe that, if I’m climbing a tree, or a rock wall, or some such activity, my phone will generally be safer… in my pocket. 

  18. Until I completely watched the video I thought that this was a joke but then as it got towards the end, the horror set in that this was a real thing…wow………a new low in the tech industry

    1. Title says “[Humor]” so that’s what I thought too.

      LOL, Friggin’ Hilarious ! More funny when real !

  19. Huh!? So I have to put some glue on the back of my phone!? Why not put the glue on the back of a tacky hard case? =.P

    So not worth $14.95 plus shipping and handling plus taxes plus Apple’s over price fee.

  20. There’s something uncomfortable about it but I can’t quite put a middle finger on it….

  21. funnier as its real and then you find yourself thinking its not a bad idea LOL

  22. Lmao at this Apple fan arguing with Droid fans on an ANDROID WEBSITE LMAO.

  23. Duh why not just use a leather belt case? It keeps the phone strapped to you and prevents it from breaking when dropped. Even though most android have gorilla glass unlike icrap. I still protect all my electronic devices.

  24. “The Feinger effectively attaches you, to your smartphone, in a way you never thought possible”

    Am I the only one that assumed this didn’t go on your finger? From the main picture, I assumed it was similar to the iPad fleshlight case.

  25. Yes because the iPhone is quality. How should it be possible that o have dropped my phone from my chest to solid concrete and no scratch, while my friend dropped her iPhone from a chair and it shattered? Accept reality buddy, Androids are stronger.

  26. This wouldn’t stick to most android devices with it’s suction cup obviously designed for hipster iphone users.

  27. I didn’t see the word humor at the end and was like wtf? lol hilarious, I’ve love to mock one of my friends if they bought this, priceless.

  28. hahaha It’s comical that it’s on a glass phone since we androids don’t need such stupid shit….

  29. heh wait… See silly article taking obvious jabs at iPhone and forget to check if Chris Chavez posted it… silly me…

  30. I wonder why this product got on here to begin with “The best smartphone accessory ever” Probably got paid well or you guys are the idiots who came up with it.  

    1. [HUMOR]

      What could it possibly mean?

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