AT&T begins HTC One XL employee training, more release date speculation


As of yesterday AT&T has kicked off their web-based training (WBT) for the HTC One XL. The above photo comes courtesy of xda-developers forum member EGBTMagus and was accompanied by another screenshot that could shed some light on when the latest flagship from HTC will be available in the States. We see an “end of life” (EOL) date for the HTC Inspire set for April 22nd, which could coincide with a store refresh and new devices according to the original poster. He claims an HTC rep had previously stated that the HTC Vivid would replace the Inspire at its current price point and at that time the HTC One XL would assume the Vivid’s old price point.

The logic makes sense, and rumors pointed to the April 22nd date previously. This latest leak does, however, challenge another bit of info suggesting the One XL has been delayed until May 6th. We’ll need to do a bit more digging before we can say either date is confirmed, but with both approaching an official announcement might beat us to the punch.

[via xda-developers | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. So it will be $249? Wtf. Sprint is $199 and better looking.

    1. Do you live in one of the 6 cities getting Sprint LTE?

      1. it’ll expand to another 6 by summer, and then probably 12 more by end of the year.  

        But the question isnt, will your city get LTE at launch.  It’s will you area get LTE within the next 2 years.  

        Because that would be the only reason to not get an LTE handset.  Besides all of the LTE handsets coming out are better than all of the Sprint non LTE phones (LTE or not), with exception of maybe the GS2.

    2. better functions yes, but def not better looking

  2. I like the 4/22 release date much better :) Yeah, the Sprint version has much better spec… So not fair…. FML….

  3. Keep in mind that Best buy gets their phones after AT&T releases them. Last time I spoke to a BB employee they were telling me they sometimes get the phones two weeks after AT&T announces them. 

    I HOPE. lol

    1. I hope BBY get’s it quickly.  I wanted to use my BBY credit card to pick up this phone and another nwtwork hard drive lol.

      1. I just want to get it as soon as it’s available for pre order, I want it asap.

  4. Interesting how the first image says the HTC One XL launches 4/10/12….
    aka yesterday… Am I missing something here? As far as I know, it’s not out yet.. o_O?

    1. You’re missing something here. It says WBT. Web-based Training. They don’t get the phones.

      1. Duhh. /slap
        I overlooked that completely lol. Thanks

  5. I would never buy a phone from at&t directly.  You can get better deals at Costco, Radioshack or perhaps BB.

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