Multitouch hack takes the ‘simple’ out of the Nook Simple Touch


If it runs Android, it’s going to be pushed to its limits. That’s the general rule of thumb when it comes to the voracious modding and hacking community that has sprung up around Google’s mobile OS. Even a basic e-reader like the Nook Simple Touch hasn’t been safe from rooting and the loading of various Android services never meant to be experienced on the device’s monochrome eInk display. Taking things a step further, a member of xda-developers has hacked multitouch capabilities into the $99 Nook, making its touch far from simple.

As you can see in the videos above and below, the Simple Touch doesn’t look half bad running Angry Birds and multitouch gestures are a go when viewing a PDF. There are some bugs with the initial hack, including random screen lockups, but otherwise it turns a boring eReader into an intriguing tablet option.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I know what im doing instead of work today

  2. now I have to have one

  3. I wonder what the battery life is like when you do that? Obviously it’s not at all the way the display (and hardware) was meant to be used, so I’m really curious. 

  4. Anyone have a link handy to original instructions for rooting the simple touch?

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