A Much Clearer Look At Sergey’s “Google Glass” Prototype IRL (Bonus Parody Videos)


Late last evening, we showed you guys a preview snapshop of Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Google’s latest project “Google Glass” augmented reality glasses. Well, the picture wasn’t as clear as we would like. But, as promised, I dug up these higher resolution pictures here for us to examine (or scoff at depending on your position).

As a self conscious tech enthusiast who is always excited to try out the latest gadgets — I just can’t see myself wearing something like this out in public. I admit, the idea is great. Augmented reality is the next frontier when it comes to the future of technology but coming from a geek who already looks silly enough in his skinny jeans and wacky hair… this is just too much of an eyesore for me.

But — detach that main component piece on the right side of Sergey’s face there, and allow me to attach to my favorite pair of sunglasses/spectacles and then you may be onto something. The thing with Google Glass is that it has to be worn and that begins to blur the lines between technology and fashion. One of the few areas I don’t see Google excelling in anytime soon. But, with the help of a few of your favorite celebrities, maybe it’s possible these specs will become the next hot item.

For kicks, I’ve added a few funny videos I came across while traveling ’round the interwebs. The first shows us the very real dangers that could accompany a new device like AR glasses (NSFW for language). The second shows us what Project Glass will look like once Google’s ad API’s are added into the mix. Enjoy.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. How could you not want one?! Wearing one of these bad boys in public would be epic! I would go around pretending to detect people’s power levels, lol

    1. What if you detect someone’s as being, you know, OVER 9000?!?! You don’t want to crush those glasses, lol.

      1. Make sure you never look at my hair while wearing ’em.. O_o

        1. What will happen? I want to try!

        2. maybe Rob will pay for them and we can classify our need as research?

      1. idk why people act like they are completely hideous. 

        A: I don’t think they look that bad
        B: I’d love to own that type of gadget
        C: I honestly don’t give a crap what people care about my looks. :D

    2. was thinking the same things, i am sure someone would make a mock power level reader for fun and prob make a killing from it too…. it would be SICK!!!!!

    3. His power level its…….OVER 9000!!!  lmao

  2. Doesnt look very cool but it’s awesome idea and it can only get better from here. Google please patent the crap out of this technology and make sure Apple pays to use or even have their own version of the glasses

    1. True. True.

    2. What are you talking about? Apple and Steve Jobs patented this alooong time ago, but they are far less noticeable.
      You didn’t think those were prescription galsses did you?


  3. If they make them in sunglasses…yeah then I would be in…eventually after breaking my leg off to pay for them…

  4. Can’t wait to pick up a pair of these bad boys! Seriously, if only to wear in my own house this is to cool to pass up!

  5. I just can’t see myself wearing something like this out in public”

    …and yet I bet you wear a bluetooth headset all the time.  These don’t look nearly as bad.  Not much different than wearing sunglasses which people do all the time.

    1. Nope. Don’t wear bluetooths either. I can do wrap around bluetooth headphones if I found a decent pair. 

      Just found bluetooth headsets too much of a hassle (although I own a few, I never actually use ’em) =/

  6. GOD!!! I can NOT wait to make fun of the first person I see with a hip pouch for their phone a fanny pack and a Bluetooth headset sporting one of these things too. Please everyone wear this ridiculous looking dork flag everywhere you go. It will definitely make getting laid by my choice of women even that much easier. LOL!!!

  7. Is nobody else reminded vividly of this?

  8. i think it’s a fake one, but he wore it for marketing or advertising purpose. 

  9. 1000 girls were surveyed. Q. What is the single most unnatractive thing a man can wear? More then 60% answered, wear a Bluetooth headset everywhere or wear one of those hip pouches for their phone. Ben – If you think this thing falls into a different category because of its “cool factor”, you are definitely one of those guys. Btw please keep pulling the “wool”. I don’t like them hairy mammoth bitches anyway. Guess someones gotta take care of them.

  10. If it runs android apps, I’m getting one.

    1. Considering that this thing needs data, sms, voice, and a reasonably large amount of cpu in order to work, it will probably be a bluetooth accessory to an android phone and not a standalone device, otherwise it would be like $800 plus the monthly cost of another cell plan

  11. It’s already been stated there is going to be Google Glass that can be fixed to existing glasses…

    Besides, they’ll serve as a nice addition to your hey-everyone-look-at-me hairstyle.

  12. Chris, I live here in S. Korea and not every country is horribly fashion conscious like the US.  People here all wear the same thick black rimmed glasses.  EVERYBODY wears them!  They do follow fashion but it’s just some things they don’t care about.  I think these could definitely surpass the function over form.   Think about something ugly everyone else wears because they are comfortable.  First example, Crocs… they are the dang ugliest things I have ever seen.  Whenever I see someone wearing them I throw up a little in my mouth.  Apparently, they are comfortable enough to make it worth looking stupid.  This could end up being one of those products…

  13. Another great idea from google….that won’t pan out to actually look and work like that demo video for at least a few years if it ever does at all. This looks more like an attempt to upstage apple in the pr department rather than showing something that is actually ready to use. 

  14. A) This is paradoy is HILARIOUS (and brutally accurate, but you have to pay for the technology somehow… right?)
    B) Apple will soon have iGlasses and will claim the technology was stolen from them verbatim.

  15. but… but it’s a prototype. you can almost 100% guarantee it won’t look like that when it comes to market. Also, judging by how it seems to work, it looks like it’ll probably just end up being a little thing you clip to your current glasses/shades.

  16.  hmmm google ads in front of my face all day, no thanks

  17. The ADmented one is ROFL hilarious, and probably dead nuts accurate about their intentions. Nothing a hosts file can’t fix though.

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