Apr 6th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:26 pm

Rumors of an affordable Google tablet have been running rampant now more than ever. They detail a plan of Google teaming up with ASUS to provide a tablet that will be powerful, yet will cost just about $250. It was due in May. Well, new rumors, courtesy of The Verge‘s sources, say otherwise. The tablet is now scheduled for July, apparently, but the so-called “delay” isn’t without reason.

They report Google’s looking to make a few design changes and changes that would allow them to get the cost of the tablet even lower. We’re not sure what allowed them to get to the reported $250 price point in the first place, and to think that they want to go even lower is pretty crazy to think about. It’s not impossible – Archos was able to bring some decent affordable, yet modern Android tablets to the market.

All we hope for is that Google’s mission to bring the device’s price down doesn’t affect their mission to bring a quality device. We’re sure the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire (and the reason, price, behind it) is their driving motivation for doing so, but I think we’d all prefer a quality device over an extremely affordable one.

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