Will Google Eye be the name of Project Glass?


When Google unveiled Project Glass, a frame of augmented reality goodness to put over your eyes, many assumed they’d eventually market it as Google Goggles. That assumption is plausible, all things considered. But you have to wonder whether Google wants to steal the name of one of its own existing products, and you have to assume that they won’t be looking at other names.

That’s where today’s story comes in: Google owns a domain that would suggest they could name it Google Eye. The domain “” is a domain that Google registered back in 2003. Since it isn’t a recently registered URL, it’s not guaranteed they’ll use it for the product. But why has Google been holding on to it for 9 years with no use whatsoever?

Perhaps they had a completely different project in mind that never took off. Perhaps this project was in mind but the technology just wasn’t there. There are a lot of possibilities, and the possibility that they could finally put this name to use for Project Glass just adds on to the heap.

It’s worthy to note that the domain will expire June 6th this year, but there’s no reason to believe Google won’t renew it if they’ve let it go on for this long. The  name “Google Eye” would be a very good name, in my opinion. It’s simple and it pretty much fits the product without needing an explanation. What do you guys think? [Network Solutions via TechCrunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I don’t care what they call it, just give it to me.  If Apple can convince the world that Siri is a good name, then anything is possible.

  2. As in “Google has their eye on you?” No seriously, I’m excited for Project Glass, but an advertising company that found a way to hear everything you say? Brilliant.

  3. What a dream!

  4. ooo, as in a play off of Eagle Eye ( nice!

  5. Hmmm… Then they could do a tie in with Lord of the Rings:

    Google Eye of Sauron:
    Lord of the Lenses!

    One lens to rule them all, one lens to find them, one lens to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them in the land of Mountain View where the Androids lie…

  6. “Play Eye” -_-

  7. Not to be confused with Googly Eyes.

    1.  Awesome.  That is definitely what they should call these.

    2. lmao . . . nice

  8. that shit would be BOSS. i want in :D

  9. give it a display, speakers, microphone and camera and connected it to my phone with bluetooth or preferable wifi direct (for video) and all day battery life and i’m completely sold. It sounds challenging but not too far into the future if it still used your phone for almost all the processing.

  10. Maybe they can call it “Eye Phone?”

  11. they should name it EyeSpecs just to piss off apple.

  12. Makes more sense to say that GoogleEye was a reserved name for Streetview, but things can change and anything is possible

    Also, GoogleEye / GoldenEye….I foresee James Bond puns/cameo’s/other references being made if they ever release a product with that name

  13. I prefer iEye
    (arf arf)

  14. So you noticed that Google has had a domain registered from 9 years ago and you thought that was worthy of a news story?

  15. this is the original of the story as noted by techcrunch 

  16. Google vision

  17. Google vision

  18. Seriously? Not one mention of Google Glasses? You guys are slackin today…

  19. I think Robot Glasses would be the right name,  wearing these glasses might make you look like the robots in the Terminator movies. 

  20. Nah, how about: “Google Scouter”? :P

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