Best Buy Says HTC Rezound On Schedule To Receive Android 4.0 Tomorrow – RAZRs Not So Fortunate


Best Buy sent out an internal memo to their employees yesterday, notifying them that scheduled Android 4.0 update for the Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx had been indefinitely “delayed.” We suspect they may have gotten ahead of themselves, expecting ICS instead of another bug fixing update, the same one we told you about yesterday. Don’t worry too much, I’d be willing to bet the next update will finally be the fabled upgrade to Android 4.0 and Motorola is simply tidying up things before rolling it out.

But we do have some good news for HTC Rezound users. Best Buy also mention in their email that the Beats rockin,’ HD totin’ device was on schedule to receive its portion of Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, April 6th. Given Best Buy’s track record, we’re hesitant to take that with anything more than a grain of salt. It’s only the fact that we’re talking about an HTC device here that we’re more inclined to believe this date. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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  1. Isn’t there normally some kind of PDF on the Verizon site (at the very least) that’s usually leaked when an update is due? With only Best Buy discussing it and no word yet from Verizon, I’d be surprised to see this happen, but it’d be nice to be wrong!

  2. igloobunny, i have been asking the same questions. I still think it is all part of an “April Fools” joke.

    EDIT: meant to add, that about a month ago, didn’t HTC state the Rezound would get ICS later in the year?

    1. more than a month ago and it was never stated what “later this year” means.

  3. Now I’m wishing I would’ve bought the Resound instead of the Gnex. This thing is cursed with such shitty reception it doesn’t really matter how good everything else is. Its kinda like owning a Ferrari with no tires. POS!

    1. Don’t be so quick to judge.  Rezound has it’s issues too… like syncing contacts.  All mine does is sync and unsync, sync and unsync. Every day.  It’s annoying.

      1. never had issues syncing contacts.   get a return.

  4. Can’t believe moto is behind on the ics release. At least they unlocked their bootloaders like the promised. DOH!

  5. No way this update is going to happen. I own a Rezound and want nothing more, but let’s be real. They lied about the Razr and Verizon hasn’t said a word.

  6. why is best buy involved lol???

    that would be like best buy being inolved in my windows 7 SP1 update haha

    1. Best Buy sells the product. It’s normally important for sellers to know up to date information about the product that they are selling.

      1. yeah moreso than Verizon who also sell, distribute and have these phones on their network.  But Best Buy is more important than verizon and would know sooner than Verizon would.   dumb/

        1. Who’s to say that Verizon doesn’t know? Just because they didn’t say anything to the public doesn’t mean they don’t know about the update. Best Buy also hasn’t released any information to the public. This is a leak of something that was sent to an employee. Neither Verizon or Best Buy has made any official statements to the public. Verizon sends stuff and “update release dates” all the time to their employees and a lot of time it leaks and then the public is surprised when nothing happens on that date.

  7. Thats perfectly OK Best Buy and Motorola, thanks to the piece of genius work known as Cheesecake.apk, I already have the ICS update from Motorola running on my Razr and let me tell you it is AMAZING! If you have a Razr and were as angry as me about not getting your ICS update take a look at the Thread on Droidrzr.com, you owe it to yourself.

  8. If the Rezound actually gets 4.0 tomorrow I’m going to heel click so hard my ankles explode.

  9. You gotta love HTC for updates

  10. EVO 3D getting ICS tomorrow would be great, too

  11. Total agreement on the Rezound over the GNex. I should have done it too.

  12. I’m a evo 3d owner but I’m dying to know can anyone confirm ICS for the rezound as of today!?!? Did rezound owners actually receive their ICS update today or did bestbuy/Verizon tell another lie cause I’m very anxious for my ICS update and still no word on when EVO 3d will see this update :( :( :(???

  13. Well I already put the ICS Release Canidate for Rezound on mine and it works perfectly. Pretty sure they are done with it and only need to push it out.

    By the way my Rezound it’s still stock and locked. Never Rooted and Boot loader never unlocked.

    I’d be surprised if it didn’t come.

    1. hah an RC..  HAH

  14. Yeah, how come no word from Verizon??

  15. I just got the OTA update from VZ this morning, but it’s not ICS. Just an update to fix a few bugs/issues. You can find the update details here: http://www.verizonwireless.com/rezoundsupport

    1. That is the update from January, it isn’t a new update. I screen scrape that page daily, and the md5sum of the pdf file has been the same for almost 3 months now. There is no ICS update coming. When that page gets updated, then you know it is coming, until then, this is nothing more than an extended April Fools joke.

      1. Thanks for the heads up – I thought I might have been out-of-touch since I just got the phone

  16. Well this is exciting! :)

    Software Update: HTC Rezound™- Coming Soon!

    1. It says that every day. That page has been there since January.

      1. Ya I read about that a day after :( … oh well life moves on

  17. Ice cream sanwich runs like a dream on the rezound have a senseless rom right everything is so smooth

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