Samsung GT-I9300 said to be mid-range but packing dual cores, could launch in May


Remember this guy? It’s the Samsung T-I9300 and the umpteenth image to show up with some sort of claim tying it to the upcoming Galaxy S III. However, in this case a Galaxy S III it is not. As we suspected when the picture first appeared online last week, the phone in question is now said to be a mid-tier device falling in the Galaxy M range (remember Samsung’s new device nomenclature?). But for the GT-I9300 to be considered a step down form top-of-the-line, the Galaxy S III must have some amazing specs. The mid-level device is said to be rocking a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and a 720p HD display, hardware that in certain respects bests the current Galaxy S II.

The GT-I9300 is on track for a May release, so it may come concurrently with the GSIII (or at least pretty close to its launch). Does the mid-range handset give us any clues to unlocking the secrets of the Galaxy S III? We might infer that Samsung will be going with Android 4.0’s software navigation buttons in future models, but that’s about it.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. You know you’re up for an upgrade soon when mid-range devices are coming out that are so much better than the high-end device you bought on launch day. Seriously, I’m still packing a 1ghz Droid 2, and a 1.4ghz 720p that’s probably going to have an LTE option is mid-range?

    1. I don’t remeber the droid 2 being high-end.

  2. Fuuuuk
    If this is Samsungs “mid-range” Galaxy S III is gunna be awesome

  3. The phone pictured above, to me, appears more narrow than my E4GT. I would hope it is Midrange, if that is the case. That would also spell at least a Quad-core CPU and 1-2GB of RAM. Now, lets also hope that Samsung doesn’t follow the “i” and make the battery non removable. 

  4. Mid-ranged compared to what?  A phone with a 4th core?  We need some kind of new standard for low/mid/high ranged because the term mid ranged is getting thrown around wildly now.

    BUT the GSIII must be one hell of a beast if it is going to force this i9300 thing to be called a mid-ranger.

    1. Indeed. If this kind of spec is called mid-range from samsung, GSIII should be amazing beast in every way.

      1. Agreed, but think about it. How long has the GS2 been around? This thing has to kick enough butt to stay up in the top wanted for that long too (to legitimately be the GSIII).

  5. Milking the device!

  6. by their new naming convention, there ought to be two more tiers of phones above this one (R and W). I cannot begin to imagine their specs if this really is M…

  7. If this is considered midrange, and the HTC One S is their midrange.. I’d go for the One S if I was a customer. But let’s see what the GSIII brings. I’ve owned the first two galaxy phones, but I just need something with a bit more of a premium feel now.

    But come to think about it, if there are two tiers above this phone (R and W) then Samsung may be doing something huge.

  8. If this is considered mid-range, then my I9000 is what?lowest-poor-range?

    1. Phones with 600mhz single core processors and 320×480 screens are still being sold, so the original Galaxy S probably counts as a low middle range, while this new phone would be the high middle. I imagine dual core 1ghz with a 480×800 screen is the middle now…

      It’s crazy and also puts my Galaxy Nexus in the mid-range category…oh how technology moves quickly…

  9. It’s Samsung’s GSII HD, LTE released in South Korea, but remodeled with Android 4.0 and software buttons to be relaunched in European and American markets – or essentialy a GSII+ – It’ll basically be a “Galaxy Nexus” with a 4212 Exynos and 8mp Camera. 

  10. dual core with HD display. How the eff is this a mid-range phone?

  11. The removal of button increase the real estate of screen

  12. This seems to share the same hardware as the Galaxy Note 

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