Samsung Galaxy Beam up for pre-order in the UK


The Samsung Galaxy Beam is now up for pre-order in all of its pico projector glory for folks residing in the UK. Clove has the handset available for £454.80 after VAT, a reasonably high asking price for a phone with a 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 4-inch display. Did we mention the built-in pico projector rated at 15 lumens that is also factored into the cost?

The Beam is destined to be one of those strange devices that doesn’t gain much traction in the popular market, but for some users it’s just the ticket. Word on availability in North America hasn’t trickled out (and we may never see the phone given a proper US release). The phone is expected to be available sometime in April in at least India. Exact details on the UK launch date aren’t clear. Check out our hands-on from MWC for more details on the Beam.

[via Clove UK]

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  1. I actually saw this here in the US, a woman from China that was on my campus had it and I asked if I can see it… It was thick and ugly… the projector feature wasn’t even that great… nty.

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