ASUS Teases Firmware Update For Transformer Prime – Says New Features Will Be “Awesome”


ASUS is teasing a new firmware update for the Transformer Prime on their Facebook page today. The update is said to bring “new features” but last we heard, the latest firmware was Ice Cream Sandwich which the T-Prime was already running. Here’s what ASUS had to say:

Perhaps they’re talking about Android 4.0.5 with a few specialty ASUS apps added for good measure. It’s too early for Jelly Bean, right? Perhaps they’ve jumped straight to Key Lime Pie? One thing is certain. Some type of firmware update is indeed coming for the T-Prime and it will be “awesome.”

[ASUS Facebook | Via AndroidPolice]

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  1. nice . 

  2. I hope by “awesome” they mean it will no longer randomly reboot, they’ve added a software speaker on the left side, the GPS now works and you can also now disable all the built-in ASUS apps without needing to root it, then yeah… can’t wait!

    1. Random Rebooting sounds like an issue I’ve not  been cursed with, so really sorry. But the rest? I have people all the time remarking at the amazing sound volume and clarity. GPS is solid after 10 minutes cold start and 30 seconds warm.  And I love Polaris and the Library!

      1. You’re probably the first person I’ve ever heard of whose GPS actually works… I’ve had mine since January and I’ve never seen it lock onto a signal, not even once. The rest I say jokingly, but really… when I’m laying in bed watching some movies and I have to cup my hand over the (only) right speaker just so I can hear is pretty bad. And yes, mine will be sitting on the keyboard dock and without even touching it, I’ll see the Eee Pad logo and just chuckle in disbelief. I 100% feel like I bought a beta piece of hardware/software… but I’ve spent close to $700 on that setup, so I’ve earned the right to complain a little ;-)

        1. Try Volume+. I’ve used it ever since I got an Evo, and it noticeably raises the bar on Android devices. Try +7 volume and +5 bass. Also, Phandroid here reported similar results with the GPS. That review is the entire reason I got the tablet.

        2. actually my gps works well also, not as good as my phones but thats expected since its a wifi only tablet.

        3. The GPS takes a while to get a fix but from then on it keeps a stronger fix than my Galaxy Nexus.

      2. Regarding GPS, you’re very, very lucky.

        I’m on my fifth Prime now, and so far only one of them has had any GPS at all. And even that one was very, very weak.

        Number 5 is probably going to be my keeper, despite being totally dead in the GPS department. The case is solid, there’s minimal backlight bleed, no stuck pixels, and the WiFi is fast. It’s definitely the best one I’ve received so far.

    2. My OG Transformer was rebooting till I shut down one of the Asus settings.  Haven’t had that problem since, and I can live without a minor tweak to the notification center.

  3. It would be even better if I could get 1 here at my local best buy or the transformer infinity would be even better;)

    1. Depending on where you are at you can ask the Best buy if they can order it and ship it to your home. They have separate systems from the . If their district warehouse has them they can order them. 

  4. My Prime works perfectly… interested to see if new proprietary apps are bundled.

    1.  I’m glad someone else here is having the same experience I am.

      1. Same experience for me too :)

  5. Awesome would be unbreaking what they broke on the original Transformer when they put ICS on it.

    1. What did they break? My TF101 has been solid and noticeably zippier since the ICS update.

      1. You need to visit the Transformer forums here and at XDA then!

        1. Not sure what purpose that would serve being as my TF is performing better than before the update… was just curious, not trying to start a troll-off here.

          1. It would serve the purpose of answering your question. It’s been a pretty big problem.

          2. It shuts off for no reason. Then refuses to turn on for a while.

  6. Was starting to miss the frequent updates…

  7. Asus should purchase Google’s Nexus division, and Nexus would once again get timely updates. 

      1. I think he may be on to something. Everything I’ve experienced from Asus has been nothing but awesome. That includes wifi and GPS on the Prime.

        1. On to something dumb maybe. I’ve had nothing but an awesome experience with my Samsung Nexus S.

          1. Hes referring to the update care that asus offer is definitively not like samsung’s slow updates. Hes not referring to the experience.

  8. I just want my browser/games/everything to stop freezing randomly

  9. zomg yesssssss more cool shit !

  10. can i has the update now !!!!!! 

  11. Mark my word…


    They just refunded me my money and received the check today…

    So NO prime for me again, MAYBE the TF700T or the coming SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 11.6…

    1.  No update can fix wining people too… Life sucks :)

  12. Are those 3 girls the new feature ASUS is talking about?

    1.  Yes, they will just pop into your living room when you say the magic words.

  13. From an Android police comment:

    -Firmware Update will be released by 3/30 for North America. Updates and fixes galore for the lack of better words.

    New Features: + Press-able notification in Lock screen + User can able to check reminder or notification of unread email under screen locked. + Upgrade Vibe from v1.0 to v2.0 with corresponding MyLibrary and MyCloud versions – Vibe2.0 improves UI and provides more media contents

    New Functions: + Support the USB to LAN cable of UX series (Accessory) + Camera FW background forced update mechanism –Camera FW upgrade will be automatically installed with image upgrade so there is no need to press the independent camera upgrade icon in the notification area. + Support Ad hoc mode (Ad hoc mode was supported in HC but 1st time support in ICS) + Keep use’s choice of browser viewing type (Tablet or Desktop website viewing type) + Enable power profile (Battery information setting) + New display mode of HDMI output – Scale mode(Default) and Crop mode (Detail comparison in next two sides.) p=23786196&postcount=191

  14. Face unlock, please finally!

  15. Wow, Asus is fast!

  16. Whats the point in having timely updates for software when your hardware sucks so baf it is beyond repairable with updates??

    That’s why I moved to Samsung. Software you can improve. hardware you cannot

  17. I got the update and there is no face unlock

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