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Most Android users have probably kept themselves occupied with Draw Something, lately. The app quickly raised to the top of the free and paid featured apps in the Google Play Store. But while the app is insanely fun and addictive, it is not perfect.

Those that have been playing the game probably received an e-mail last night, stating all the new features and changes tat are to come soon. This would be a rather significant update. And it is probably made possible by Zynga’s recent acquisition of OMGPOP (the game’s developer).

New features and changes:

  • Sharing drawings on Twitter and Facebook
  • Save drawings to your devices’ photo library
  • Notifications for Android devices
  • Increase of the max streak from 99 to 999 (you guys are rocking it!)
  • Pull down to refresh game status
  • UNDO button for your last brush stroke
  • Even better performance
  • More words

Fixed Bugs:

  • Coins, colors, and bombs not displaying (If you don’t see them right now, don’t worry, your stuff is safe!)
  • Games crashing or getting a black screen
  • Bugs that prevent you from completing your turn

It will be nice to be able to save and share one’s pictures. As these simply disappear once the turn is over, only to never be seen again. Unless, of course, you take a screen shot. Notifications are also an important update. Currently, one has to access the Draw Something app in order to know when it is one’s turn.

I have not experienced the mentioned bugs, but it seems like they are out there. If you have, this is something that will get a fix, as well. And as mentioned above, one doesn’t need to worry about current coins, colors and bombs. If they do not show up now, you can be sure they are still there. Just playing hide and seek.

There is another feature that is not listed, but we have been hearing of it for a while. Draw Something players will also be able to chat at some point. A feature that has proven to be necessary. Users rely on other forms of communication to make comments; sometimes even writing in the drawing space. It would be great to be able to chat with other users within the app.

This drawing game is very popular, and Zynga spent about $200 million to acquire it. You can be sure that the app will continue to improve as time goes by. So stay tuned and get your inner artist out there. Hit the comments to let us know what your favorite listed features are and what else you would like to see added.

Google Play Store links:

Draw Something (Free)
Draw Someting (Paid)

[Via: Droid-Life]

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  1. I can’t wait til I get notifications like on Words!!

  2. While a little bit entertaining. There’s really nothing preventing you from just writing the word on the screen. Needs some way to actually compete with people. Why not a team mode, where someone can actually win and cheating can be called out.

    1. Or you just don’t play with cheaters… oh snap. Problem solved.

  3. but i got bored with it… replying 40 people arent fun at all.

  4. Notifications
    New Words (And LOTS of em)

    That’s all I need….
    I prefer writing in the drawing space over a chat option.
    I already take screenshots of my screen to save pictures and I don’t want to share them to twitter or fb.

  5. it is getting so bored already due to the repeating words…..
    I see Jenga or Las Vegas more than 50 times

  6. “More Words” about time, sure that should have happened a long time ago!

  7. Happy with the bug fixes, my game crashes constantly when using 3g but its fine on wifi.

  8. This game got old fast. Having to draw the same things repeatedly and guessing the samethings repeatedly turned me off. Not to mention, everybody wants to be DaVinci on it.

  9. How about not being able to log back in?  I can’t get my account to log back in after putting it on a new phone. Also, when they ask for a password, its right out there without the obligatory ***** notation…it just says “password” when you type. yikes!

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