Mar 24th, 2012

Home automation is a technology that has been almost impossible to own, unless your bank account is bursting with cash. As it becomes more affordable, large companies like Google and Amazon have be planning on becoming part of the game. But another soon-to-be competitor is Motorola, along with Verizon.

In collaboration, these companies are making home automation possible for the general consumer. All will be made possible thanks to the Connected Home Gateway, which has just made its rounds through the FCC. Meaning that it will probably be hitting the market anytime, soon.

We saw this system at CES, and we have to say it looks promising. This bad boy will allow customers to control their home and appliances straight from a smartphone or tablet. One will be able to turn appliances on and off, change the thermostat settings, turn lights on and off, lock doors and even set macro settings (profiles).

This will soon be part of Verizon’s Z-Wave Home Monitoring and Control system. Which is pretty much the same, but more focused on security.

Personally, the home automation systems are very exciting. And Google has been taking its sweet time with Google@Home. I don’t ask for much, and those promised Android light bulbs would make me happy for now. But since we don’t see any of that coming soon, Motorola might very well be another viable option.

What do you guys say? Looking forward to the connected home? Let’s hope no hack allows criminals to control our homes!

[Source: FCC Via: Engadget]

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