Mar 17th, 2012

One can’t speak about multi-tasking without the new Galaxy Note 10.1 popping up in conversation. MWC was full of great devices, but this tablet really called my attention (you can see our hands-on video for a demo). The specs might not be too impressive (while still great), but what makes this tablet stand out is its multi-screen functionality.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 lets users work on various applications simultaneously. This is possible by dividing the screen area to show both applications at once. It provides a true multi-tasking experience, similar to that of a computer. A feature that I (and surely, many of you) have been wanting for quite some time, now.

This made Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 one of the most exciting and innovative products at MWC. No other Android manufacturer has done this yet, and the reason is not very clear. Such feature would really make a tablet much more efficient, in a world where tablets are considered a luxury. Check out minipcpro’s video to see a demonstration of the feature:

But we would like to reach out to our readers and see what they think of the multi-screen feature. Please participate in the poll and hit the comments section to let us know what you think. Are you with me, and believe that more manufacturers should adopt multi-screen functionality? Am I crazy and this feature is nothing but a gimmick?

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