Verizon Wireless Experienced Brief Data Outage


It looks like Big Red may have suffered another data outage, folks. We’ve got reports from Kentucky, Idiana and Colorado so far, with yours truly being affected by the outage at one point here in Wisconsin. I was unable to access both 3G and LTE at one point, but 3G came back after some time and 4G continued to be nonexistent up until a few minutes before this article was published. This outage was relatively short (about 15 minutes for me) compared to previous ones and may have gone unnoticed by some. We’ll be monitoring our connection to see if it happens again. Did you notice/experience the outage? [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

[Update]: Reports to Droid-Life indicate that some users experienced the outage longer than others, and some are even still without data. One of our readers had data restored, then taken away shortly afterward. We’ll be contacting Verizon for an update.

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  1. Hah…great.  I noticed this morning.  Thought it was the 4.0.4 radios I flashed to my GN last night before bed.  Time to go back to the new ones for a real test when VZW data is intact.

    (both 3G/4G were out…NE)

  2. Add NJ.  

  3. Yes, experienced it in Little Rock, AR.

  4. They need to bring fix their 3G issue here in St Joseph Mo and bring 4G too

  5. Never went down once here in middle TN, which is a first. I’m almost ALWAYS part of the monthly outages =/

    1. Mine went down in Middle TN.

      1. Weird. I guess it was that hit or miss for people

  6. And I left T-mobile for this crap !!!
    They charge 30% more than T-Mobile for Awful service, Horrible 4G battery life, very very little 4G coverage, Pathetic data reliability, much much much lower average data speeds only 1.2 Mbps 3G and 4G is worthless because of very very very limited coverage and when I get there LTE it’s 18-20 Mbps and that’s what I was getting with T-Mobile 4G but my battery lasted 10 hours not 3 !!!! and I was getting 5 Mbps with T-Mobile 3G NOT 1.2 !!!!

    1. Idk what you’re talking about.. I average 20mbps down/10 up. My battery life is around 6 hours heavy use (Bionic), will double that once I get the Maxx. Verizon’s on track to match existing 3G coverage with 4G by 2013 IIRC. I’m already covered in my city & almost all the ones around me.

    2. So… You switched to Verizon without looking at their coverage map or knowing how fast their 3g is? If you did any research none of this would have been a surprise. I take the slower 3g because I like actually having coverage everywhere, rather than “faster” service that drops out all the time, and Verizon has the largest 4g network, NO carrier you go to will have better coverage nationwide, and if your area has bad 4g coverage than thats your fault for not checking before. And you could stick with T-mobile and get decent speeds for now, but remember their going to switch to LTE soon, and will be far behind all the other carriers in coverage. Battery life on 4g phones is known to be bad as well simply because its a new technology, and the radios for LTE are 1st gen, the 2nd gen radios should be much better with battery life.

  7. Currently in Somerville, MA. (Boston.) All good in the hood here. Just checked and I’ve got two bars of sweet sweet 4G LTE juice.

  8. Still down here in southern Indiana!

  9. What did you all do before you had these devices? 

    1.  Used DSL, I’m using it for primary internet connection at multiple sites and I’ve lost connection to them because of this.  If it was just my phone I would not care.

  10. Harrisburg, PA… It went out for a little bit… mananged to get 1x… then I went to Airplane mode toggled back and got 3G… I don’t get 4G at my job so I can’t say if it came back yet.

  11. “America’s Most Reliable Network”

    what is this the 4th outage in as many months?

    is this what you are paying premium prices for? marketing?

    i’d be pissed if they were raping me every month. this is like no lube. poor bastards.

  12. 1X her in Cincinnati area. Aarrgh…………….

  13. Experienced in Maryland this morning about 7am. I rebooted my phone and it was working again after that, so thought it was my phone.

  14. Experienced it in southern Maine this morning around 7:40.

  15. Add Philadelphia to that list

  16. Louisville, KY. Tbolt … Lost all data briefly only

  17. I was without both 3 and 4g in Minneapolis for about 30 minutes

  18. don’t even have 4G yet in southern MN.. 3G has been solid for years, no issues.. i work in the media industry and outages sometimes just happen.. i try not to get too bent out of shape.. its unrealistic to expect service to be up 100% all the time, tech and the randomness of life and general stupidity demand failure.  However, issues should be limited thou.  Sense this is such a wide issue it has to be equipment in house and not some random cut cable feeding a tower or node.. 

  19. I was out completely in the Atlanta area starting around 9am. Rebooted my GN at 10am and 4G was back up.

  20. Thank God I’m not on that crappy network.

    1. Then why reply !!!!

  21. Noticed it here in Tampa, too.

  22. I love LTE so much but it tends to not work.sometimes ….3g reliability was like 97% …LTE is about 90% reliable ….

    1. Its not LTE dude its Verizons CDMA -LTE handoff….check out this article

  23. Mine was out on the way to work in Winston Salem, NC this morning, but now it’s back up.

  24. i still cant get it here in kansas no matter what i do…… stoopid verizon

  25. Been without 3/4G most of the AM here in Northwest PA.  For the first time ever on my Nexus I saw the symbol “1X” for data… that’s the best I can get right now…. ouch.

  26. Up n down here as well!!!! Cali LA (NEXUS)

  27. Hey Verizon, love how you use your spectrum more efficiently than T-Mobile. You charge high prices for your service, and scam people for coverage. Bet you don’t offer credit for this outage. T-Mobile would. Can you hear now?

  28. All data was out here in Oregon from 6-6:30, then I got 1x, now 3G. Still no 4G.

  29. This outage was created by soon to be Unemployed Verizon employees sabotaging the network … Haha

    Can you hear me now????

    Can yiy

  30. Jacksonville, FL as well…yesterday and this morning

  31. San Diego, CA and no outage here at all. I have been checking too, as I’ve been messing with ICS on my D4, and they were having issues with programming the chipsets, but data hasn’t gone down at all.

  32. Back up in most areas for me for the last ten minutes, but one of my sites that was fine through the outage dropped off at the exact same time all the others came up.  I’ll take the one site being down vs the 13 that were down before!  My last remaining outages are in Indianapolis and in Kentucky.

  33. Please! This is an everyday all day thing for me since I got my Gnex. I can’t remember the last time I had data of any sort on my phone that wasn’t being put there by my router. I’ve never considered leaving Verizon due to there superior reception. Now that I don’t have any some other options are looking awfully tempting.

  34. Wow, 15 minutes of no data, I don’t know how I will live! Jeeze, people need to chill out. You could still use the phone. So what.

    1. I was down for three hours.  These were business locations, 15 of them that were not able to take any payments at all during the outage.  They were AirCards connected to cradlepoint routers, not phones.  Kind of a big deal when they go down for us, I can understand phones not being huge, then again I have people in the field sending data all day from their phones to the main office, without data they can’t work.

      Data needed to be sent to refresh gate codes for today, or they could have no access to our gated locations.  There are all kinds of reasons that this could be important for people you know?

  35. i saw it in Long Island, NY. i got one of those “Authorized SIM card user” message

  36. It is down in Central Pennsylvania as well.

  37. Rebooted, now LTE back on. It’s not the end of the world. Unless you’re paying more for an LTE data plan than you are for a 3G one, there isn’t much of a logical argument against Verizon. I’m at 4.5 gigs toward the end of my billing cycle, and I’ve had unlimited since summer of 2010. Complain all you want, but at least they aren’t throttling…..

  38. i had no 3g or 4g this morning.  it came back a little while ago.  then kicked out on me again.  it just came back, over 5 hours after i first noticed it down.  orlando fl area

  39. Still feeling the outage just outside of Philadelphia, PA

    1. just got my data back in south jersey at 5:45p

  40. My wife’s had no connectivity for a couple of hours in Seneca, SC. She also can’t connect to her school’s wireless, so it might be a twitch with her week-old Droid 4.

  41. Been out all day here in Port Arthur, Texas.  Both 3G and 4GLTE

  42. Verizon is updating the 3G and 4G network . People come on  ,can you still use your phone ,yes ! Cant you live with a few minutes of data ? I sure can and I use my phone for business!! Stop all the whining !! 

  43. I can’t get on 3g in california. Have had to toggle 4g on all morning to get a data signal.

  44. For all you AT&T haters read this article that explains verizons plight….I would also predict that Sprint , US Cellular and all upcoming CDMA/LTE networks will be having this issue.  I have a skyrocket with ATT and the LTE/HSPA+ Hand-off is seamless and I have had LTE since December with no outage. Last I checked Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US so this is a huge LTE market for ATT not to mention that the networks runs all the way down to San Diego.

  45. Not sure how long it has been out in central Ohio.  Only 1X working.

  46. My data has been in and out all day in a usually stable area. I’m on my way home and it’s been out most of the way. (riding not driving) Bummer! Dallas, TX

  47. still have the outage here in Ohio.. Have had nothing since yesterday morning and I’m not happy!

  48. Hickory, NC here.  I purchased a 4G LTE Motorolla Droid 4 on Sun. First off there isn’t 4G coverage in my area so I turned off LTE (But it still have issue when its on). Since yesterday morning I’m not getting ANY data connection. Every so often 1x or 3g pops up but the moment I go to use it it goes away. Verizon tells me its and outage…the lady in the office next door to mine has a Motorolla driod and she hasn’t had any issues. Spent 3 hours on the phone with tech rebooting, clearing cache, checking settings and pulling out the sim card and their answer was…nothing wrong with your phone…we ae experiencing outages. I asked why the lady next store isn’t “experiencing an outage” and they said it won’t affect everyone. Does that make sense…is that possible? I’ve had verizon for 8 years, never had a smart phone but I’ve always loved it…had great signal. Now all of a suddent I buy a $200 phone and pay $100 a month and it doesn’t work the way it should. So, going on 29 hours…no data.

  49. I’m in Alabama with a Samsung Fascinate (3g) and I still have no connection.  My sister with an iPhone doesn’t have connection either.  Also, my mom, with a regular flip-phone dumb-phone doesn’t have service either.
    So much for being “America’s Most Reliable Network”.  

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