Motorola MOTOACTV Now Available in Canada


Canadian fitness buffs can now purchase the MOTOACTV as it has been released in the North American country. You can buy the 8GB configuration for $250. Accessories, including a replacement wristband, a soft wristband, and a universal clip (to fit on a bike or an existing watch) come in at $30 a piece. Call your nearest Running Room store to see if they have it in stock. We do urge you to call before heading there because Motorola says it’s only available in select stores. You can also find it online at [via MobileSyrup]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Does this actually sell?

  2. not spending 300$ on a watch or work out watch

  3. I saw the price and lol’d.

    Good luck with that Motorola, and I say that as a (slightly jadded) owner.

  4. I bought mine 2 weeks ago from Bluewirless Canada…..    so wow, good journalism here

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