Google I/O registration opens March 27, but be prepared to pay


Google I/O is taking place about a month later than usual, but registration time is right around the corner. The official page has just gone live revealing the day interested parties can register for the event and exactly how much they can expect to pay. Spoiler alert: prices have skyrocketed. Beginning at 7AM PDT on March 27th, hopeful attendees can pony up $900 to reserve a spot at the developer-focused conference. The whopping registration fee nearly doubles the cost of last year’s show. The price drops for students — down to $300 — but that’s triple the rate offered previously.

The high prices are unlikely to deter those looking to be a part of I/O. The event sold out in less than an hour last year. So start counting your pennies now, you’ll want to jump on top of registration as soon as it opens if you plan on making it out to the Moscone Center this year.

[Google I/O Registration via DroidLife]

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  1. This is great news!

    It means many fewer free-loading non-developer mopes will be crashing Google I/O.

    (Me bitter? …)

    1. Yeah but that sucks for any struggling college-going developers aspiring to reach the ranks of Google (me). I would LOVE to go but it’s so expensive for me to fly out (from Dallas, Texas) I sadly won’t be able to attend for the next 8 years (getting a Doctorate…)

      1. I’ll back your trip for a 50% stake of your future earnings

        1. Thanks for the support man :)

  2. The student price was $150 last year, not $100.  You can check the I/O 2011 website. 

  3. no thanks. i can save 300$ just by reading it through those news site. 

    1. I mean, I can save $15 by waiting for the DVD release of a movie but it’s about the experience, bruh.. 

      Google I/O is basically like Disneyland for the Android lover. They have sessions, you get to see and play with all the new Android stuff. Party with other Android geeks. Get fed 3 square meals a day with unlimited ice cream soda and snacks (I kid you not). 

      It was pretty much the best time of my adult life. Like a vacation or cruise. Of course, if you want to enjoy it all from your couch.. your loss ;)

      1. “It was pretty much the best time of my adult life” Chris you really need to get out a little more I’m just sayin… :)

        1. I 100% agreed with Chris, I was there in my last IO.. The robots, the freebie, and the “infinite playground” was just the best time.. I attended other conferences before like javaone, oracleworld, and etc..  None of them came close to google IO…

    2. Yes but you won’t get the $1500 in free devices

      1. Last year they gave out those free chrome laptop…. Junk.

  4. Wish I could go, would be awesome

  5. I forgot, is Google io the place were they unveil there new android os upgrade as well as all the cool ‘Google at home’ things?

  6. This conference better include a week long getaway in Vegas followed by a weekend getaway in Key West, all expenses paid, with spending cash! That’s the only way I’m paying $900 for some conference!

  7. What about the whole coding aspect of the application? Do you think it’s only for Boot Camp? Also, why do you think Google+ is needed?

    EDIT: I am now aware that there is no coding element to apply as Google had previously planned. See everyone at I/O!

    1. How did u find this out?

  8. I really wish I could go, but there’s no way I can afford it. :(

  9. So bummed i can’t go :(
    I can even afford the fee, since i’m still in school, but i can’t afford the travel :/

  10. I’m guessing the price includes a developer device.. last year they gave out Galaxy Tab 10.1’s to the attendees. I’m seriously considering attending as a student, but $300 is still pricey..

    1. They gave out three devices last year: Galaxy Tab 10.1, Chromebook, and Verizon 4G hotspot with 3 months free service.

      Plus lunches and all the snacks and drinks you can consume. It is awesome and well worth the price if you can afford it.

  11. Does anyone know if they give early registration to last year’s attendees? I attended last year and plan to try and go again this year.

  12. I am a student, but since I live in Norway I have to pay more than 300$. 700$, Google I/O, Plane, hotel and souvenirs. Too expensive, i’ll just wait until the highlights are on youtube.

  13. I think I’m in the same boat as a lot of people here. I saw that it was $150 for students last year and was super stoked because I can afford that. Even $300, alone, I can do. 

    But $300 + hotel + travel? Doubt it highly. =

    1. Its in the tenderloin district so many people will already be sleeping outside for free :)

  14. I already booked my flight and room.  Now I just need to get registered.  I loved Google I/O last year.

  15. Hell yeah I’m going to go. When I saw 900 I was like no way, but as soon as I saw $300 I was stoked. For the first time I feel that living in the bay area and being a student is paying off. Considering my only expense after I register would be for food while over there.

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