HTC One X Deluxe Unveiled, Awards Buyers With Beats Solo Headphones


While the HTC One X hasn’t launched yet, the Taiwanese company is already looking to bring a limited edition version. The HTC One X Deluxe has been unveiled for those who want a little something extra with their purchase.

The device is the same as the one we saw at Mobile World Congress, but it comes in white, has white packaging, and, best of all, comes with a pair of Beats Solo (valued at about $180). It’ll run you about $840 if you want to get in on the fun.

It’s up to you, then, to decide if you want a pair of the headphones offered. If you do, this bundle might save you on the cost of buying both the phone and the headphones separately (assuming they aren’t available subsidized, of course).

The HTC One X is a quad-core device which has NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0, and a great 8 megapixel fast-shutter camera sensor. Find our hands on from late last month here. If you’re in Taiwan and want to get your hands on it, head to Taiwanese retailer ePrice now. [Thanks Han!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. These headphones might cost a lot but they are on par with about $20 Sennheiser’s 

    1.  Yup. Overpriced and over-styled cr*p.


      I’ll take decently engineered Beyers, Sennheiser or even some of the new AKGs or Philips Fidelios over those cheap-arse chinese Beats any second.

      1. But Beats make you cool :-P

    2. Lol aren’t they just, I don’t rate this beats bullshit at all .. What does that Dre douche know about music quality when he just talks shit on cd, rap isn’t singing or music lol

      1. Umm well he has been producing music since like the early 80’s…  I think that’s enough experience…

        Unless u know about Dre then u shouldn’t speak on Dre…

        And yes, Hip Hop IS music, whether u like it or not…

        1. Agreed. Im not a Rap guy, but Dre obviously knows the business well. He knows the headphones blow, but with the genious advertising he does, it doesnt matter. All you need is over accentuated bass, and a cebrity name, and people will buy it no matter what the price is

          1. How does Dr. Dre “know” that Beats by Dre blow?

        2. Yeah, I doubt the millionaire gives an F about them lol. Btw even your “real” brand headphones are tailored to which music style you are listening too. Beats are tailored to hip hop and rap so it makes sense the sound like that.

          Are people pissed because the sound quality is bad or they just can’t afford what the cool kids are buying lol.

        3. Personally I don’t like rap. I’m not into rappers calling women, daughters and mothers “b*tches.”  Even worse when they throw the N word around.

          That doesn’t mean Dre doesn’t know about music quality, but still…I doubt Dre did anything more than lend his name and collect a paycheck.

          Back to this phone, $840 for a phone? Umm no, this phone should be 250 bucks off contract. No phone should cost nearly a grand.

          1. Well maybe ur listening to the wrong “rap”… there’s plenty of different type of artists.  Know what ur speaking about… and contrary to your belief, b*tches do exist.  Sometimes it’s even men being called b*tches.
            Besides that, I’m sure Dre lended a little more than just his name… I like how Beats sound.

          2.  A phone 250.00 off contract? More than likely thats how much HTC is paying for this after assembly. Dont be a cheapskate or stick to ZTE and Huawei’s

      2.  Im not really in to rap, or hip hop, but Dre can certainly put down a good beat, they still play his music at strip bars!

    3. i recent tested a Soul headphone. it cost less than beats and still sound the same. not only that, my $40 extra bass earbud by sony beat both of them. 

      1. You do know that the Sol Republic brand was a company founded by the son of the founder of Monster Cable and did work there too lol. You basically have the Beats without the Dr. Dre part.

        1. My point was those headphones are overpriced.

        2. You do know that SOUL and Sol Republic are different companies, right?

    4. Yep…..I’ve told that to maybe 50 people, but they swear they are good…..till I compare them to a 50$ pair of headphones with an amp and they see, ” oh, but these look cool and he’s got them tho”

  2. Any news when tmobile will be getting this? March, april? May? After galaxy s3? Iphone5?

    1. To remind you, the rumor of T-Mobile getting the One X is just that, a RUMOR! The rumor was started by Taylor over at Androidandme. He might be correct, but he could also be wrong.

      What is coming for sure to T-Mobile is the HTC One S.

  3. To godrilla…sorry to disappoint, but the HTC One X will be an AT&T exclusive for a few months when it hits the U.S.

  4. i cant believe “sound” matters this much to people that their willing to spend hundreds of dollars. 

    1. Yeah, sound DOES matter that much to some people. I would never own anything Beats, but I own pairs of actual Studio headphones, and monitors. What you’re asking is pretty much the same as saying “why would you pay over $50 for a TV? People care about “image quality” enough to spend hundreds of dollars? Yes. Also, the same reason why people spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone. Why is it so hard to believe for you?

    2. Sennheiser HD 800 – The King of Headphones by audiophiles chews up Beats pricing and shits it out. 

      $1,500 vs $179 Beats Solo. That doesn’t even include the DAC that cost almost the same price. The only difference here is that people don’t call shenanigans on Sennheiser as much hate as on Beats by Dr. Dre. 

      Most of the hate I think is that its so mainstream vs niche.

  5. I for one will be happy to shell out a thousand dollars for this on Verizon :)

    Even if at&t does get it exclusive for a short tenure, its still only s4 powered, not tegra 3.

  6. Okay it’s 2012 is why isn’t the included brand at least the Beats Solo HD version? The nonHD Solos tend to snap at the top of the headband even under normal usage. THe HD edition is WAY more durable. Yes I did own the HD before my friend begged me to sell him mine. Real good passive isolation btw.

    It doesn’t matter anyways demographic wise but the mids and highs are improved here than the regular version. Hopefully this is a pre retail release version. Btw the HD only cost $20 more.

  7. BEATS Audio isnt all its cracked up to be.  Overpriced.  WAY OVERPRICED.

  8. 100 bucks for Bose Headphones, no they arent noise cancelling but have the same sound tech as the noice cancelling sound the same minus the noise cancelling.  

  9. Tmobile dont you know if we wanted the one s we would have settled for the sensation or the other 5 htc phones with similar specs. I want a 720p screen !

  10. Great another gimmicky, over priced piece of shit

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