All Sprint 4G phones just a penny at AmazonWireless through March


If you want a great deal on a 4G phone from Sprint then you will want to head over to AmazonWireless between now and March 26th. They are hosting a “March Madness” sale that features all current 4G devices from the carrier for just a penny. You will need to be activating a new contract to take advantage of the deal and also sign up for a data plan that includes Sprint’s $10/month 4G surcharge, but you will score a pretty sweet new phone in the process. Some of the handsets up for grabs include the HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, and the Nexus S. Pick one up by March 19th and the activation fee will be waived.

Is this a WiMAX fire sale? Possibly. Sprint is set to roll out its LTE network in the coming months but this is still a great opportunity to get a quality Android handset in your pocket at an extreme discount. And there ain’t nothing wrong with those WiMAX data speeds, either.

[AmazonWireless via Gizmodo]

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  1. Ah, so the Nexus will be released in April then..

    1. More like March 27th probably lol.

  2. So new phone is coming to sprint

    … ahh you beeat me to it Tommy.

    1. Great minds think alike :)

  3. Nexus? lol, upgrading to a phone that is already many months old when there are newer hardware, better spec’d phones about to drop doesn’t make sense IMO but to each his own.

  4. Just to clarify, they are not advertising it as a “March Madness” sale.  Doing so would violate the NCAA trademark on the “March Madness” term.  Amazon’s smart enough to stay out of that mess…. 

  5. getting the nexus for sprint would be a stupid idea. and so is selling these phones with technology that wont even be supported for the life of the 2 year contract is also stupid

  6. Signing a new contract for a WiMax phone right now didn’t make much sense. Doing it for phones that are already a generation behind or will be very shortly makes even less sense.

    1.  I don’t think it’s a bad deal for a penny. I have never had 4g in my city but I’m on wifi at home and work so I haven’t missed it much, I doubt that a switch to LTE will magically cover most areas for most people.

      1.  That’s true, and not everybody cares about having the most cutting edge phones they way I do.  And in fairness, at this moment, the Epic Touch is Sprint’s best phone.  Regardless of Wimax vs LTE compatibility though, we’re coming up on a new generation of phones that will push processing power, screen resolution, and other features much further than what’s out there now.  To anyone who can wait AND wants in on that new generation, there’s a lot to be said for skipping what’s out there on Sprint right now.  But there’s no denying these are good deals for anyone who needs a Sprint phone now or cares more about getting a great deal than having the most cutting edge phones. 

  7. Not everybody cares to have the most powerful phone on the market. This is a great deal, especially for the epic touch. As for rolling out LTE, even if/when that happens, sprint has signed a new contact for Wiimax to continue supporting their service as well so you will be safe door another couple years if you are in a covered Wiimax area.

    1. mfw when the only times my 2 wimax phones saw service is when I visited texas chicago tennessee kentucky terr heaute etc… even bloomington has 4g at iu and no dice for indy. I seriously think they just fucking hate us.

  8. I wish you didn’t have to be a new user to get it for a penny.

  9. ehhh I bought the evo 3d which I love but my beautiful city of indy has no wiimax and no plans for lte…. I know alot of you guys love sprint which you should but my contract is up in july and honestly I might jump ship
    (for anyone who has noticed me before I do work for att) with all that said sprint just isn’t a great network in my city. Just not worth signing a contract based on a network thats “coming soon”AGAIN and realizing 2 years later it still doesn’t exist.
    burn me once shame on you etc…

    1.  No plans for LTE in Indy?! Grrrrrr…
      My plan ends in July as well, and now I’m pretty sure I’ll switch.
      It’s just a matter of which provider to go to now…

      1. well the htc evo is coming to sprint and with the current changes and rumors floating around sprint may surprise us indy folk!
        but in case that doesn’t pan out come buy an att phone from me lol
        honestly tho att service in indy is solid and the data is way faster I hate to sway you from my beloved sprint but we can’t take much more…

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