Which are the best malware protection apps? This study will answer the question


Android security is currently a dilemmatic topic. The security concern is very predominant in the Android ecosystem. At the same time, many believe that anti-virus apps are not necessary, so long as one is a responsible customer. Gogole has also recently announced Bouncer, which keeps malicious apps away from the Android Market. But as Android continues to gain market share (on top of its current position), it will become a more important target for malware app developers.

A study conducted by AV Test has placed all the major mobile malware protection apps in a fierce competition. Most of your favorite security apps will be listed in the results, ranked from the best to the lowest performing. My favorite anti-virus app happens to be within the top ones – avast! Free Mobile Security.

This happens to be my application of choice due to all the other features it offers. And its anti-theft features are simply unbeatable, even having root features. While malware is not a huge concern for me, it is always great to know that my favorite security app also performs rather well in that section. Other great anti-virus apps include Dr. Web, IKARUS and Lookout.

Another interesting part of the study confirms that malware app numbers have increased rapidly in the past few months. This is still nothing to be alarmed at, just yet. As long as you stick to trusted app stores and make smart decisions when downloading content, you should still be in the clear. But as we often hear: one can never be too sure.

If you are trying to see which anti-virus app is the best, you might want to check out this study. But don’t forget to keep it safe – read the comments, check out the ratings and don’t download pirated apps.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you use malware protection apps? Do you use it to protect your device from malicious apps, or more for the other features (like me)?

avast! Free Mobile Security gets top AV-Test ranking for Android malware PRESS RELEASE

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, March 9, 2012 — avast! Free Mobile Security got a top malware detection ranking in in the new study from AV-Test, the independent testing organization.

“avast! Free Mobile Security is available for free, easy to use and has many features to protect your device. With its very good detection rate it is one of the best security products for your Android device,” stated Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test, in the report.

In a test that produced a wide range of detection results, avast! was one of only seven security apps out of the 41 tested which were able to stop more than 90% of the Android malware. A majority of the tested apps (24) detected less than 65% of the malicious malware.

“It’s an achievement to get a top rating from a professional organization such as AV-Test, it’s even better when this rating is supported by the experiences of thousands of users,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software.

avast! Free Mobile Security also has the single best user ranking on the official Android Market of the top malware-detecting apps. avast! scored a 4.7 star ranking out of a potential five out of the more than 19,400 user reviews submitted.


AVAST Software ( protects over 150 million active and 200 million registered users with our security and antivirus applications. Our portfolio includes the new avast! Free Mobile Security for Android, avast! Business Protection for company networks, the premium avast! Internet Security with SafeZoneTM virtualized desktop, and avast! Free Antivirus, the free computer security application that matches or exceeds the performance of competitor’s paid-for products. Anchored by the CommunityIQ network of sensors and supported by multiple protective shields, avast! performance is certified by VB100, ICSA Labs, and West Coast Labs.

[Source: AV Test]

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  1. There is no anti-malware app on my phone. This study will not change that fact.

  2. You do recognize, that on the list, the apps are put into alphabetical order within the categories. (eg.: >90%) So you can’t be sure that avast! IS the best among those apps… Just saying to raise your attention to it. ; )

    1. truth is what’s in the report:

      “It has been brought to our attention that certain parts in our 
      paper and the testing methodology are considered 
      imprecise and/or flawed by third parties.”

      they had good intentions but it’s not really a great study. Not horrible, but not reliable.

  3. Best anti-malware app:

    1. Download apps from trusted developers

    2. Read the comments

    3. Disregard apps named “XXX Tent Pr0n Sexy Asian Ladies XXX”

    1. Is #3 from personal experience? I kid, I kid…

    2.  wow, a table list of malware applications to your phone with some familiar names…

      oh, wait a sec

  4. I have had an android device since 09 and I have never once gotten a malware app.

  5. No anti-malware apps on my phone. I use Cerberus for anti-theft.

  6. I don’t use one do to the limited ram on my xperia play.

  7. I use vipre (on my PC on on my phone)a new version of the beta should be available tomorrow. Great feature set in the app.

  8. Simple solution what questionable apps are you installing…..stop
    I have never had any antivirus or malware on my phone. Not installing crapware prevents that. I think to many people just install anything that’s free my friend has 200+ apps on his phone I ask him how much do you use all those no reply of course.

  9. malware is a falacy

  10. Have not used anti virus software and have not had any problems. Wait…would I even knew if I did get malware on here???

  11. Lookout. simple, free, easy.

  12. I dont use anti virus apps.
    Why? Because I KNOW WHAT IM DOING.

    As in I do the research before downloading
    Checking source + credibility + comments

  13. No anti-malware/anti-virus apps on my phone, none on any of my Linux computers and it will stay that way.
    It is not needed. It’s uninformed Windows users who feel they must have one on thier device out of shher habbit because they are used to having to have it on their home PCs.

  14. Why would I waste more space on my phone. It’s limited enough already. Don’t install crapware and you won’t need an additional app to remove it. Duh.

  15. I am using the Comodo Mobile security for my android phone.It is really good ans super. 

  16. My phone came with lookout, and I think I can’t uninstall so it’s there. I used to use AVG on my old phone since it’s what I use on my pc

  17. I use avast! for its tracking feature. Nice to see it made the top grade.

  18. I’ll just stick to known developers and monitor what security permissions the applications are requesting.  Im not one of those bleeding edge users so I just stick to well reviewed/trusted applications and ROMs.

  19. James is 100% correct, actually comodo should comes in portion of green part.

  20. You guys who don’t use av software on your Linux boxes keep it up. That’s what I love to hear…

  21. I use none. If you educate yourself Linux has been known for being the most secure. But with Android like Linux I use the same attack as I do Linux. EDUCATE get feedback from other users. Pay attention to permissions. Know that a developer like Koush really not going to be extreme about he’s trustworthy. Most important never ever I stress get pirate apps even if it’s a company like EA. Developers need to eat too.

  22. PS Any one that uses AV software on Linux I don’t know if you got the memo it’s secure as long as you don’t give out your password out if you change the UNIX password which many entry and mid level user don’t know about. Me I’m a Linux power user found out 4 years ago hooking up a Lexmark printer that there’s another password to even protect users further. Get rid of your Windows habit. If your don’t believe me research the matter most even Torvalds will tell you AV on Linux is BS.

  23. No anti-malware I use ZenOK Free Antivirus it includes antimalware, antispyware and it works really good.

  24. Those of you who think you don’t “need” any protection on your device go right ahead and keep being naive’.  You obviously don’t keep up with Android news, otherwise you’d know that numerous malware has slipped past “security” and made it onto the android Market over the years. 
    If you don’t do anything but make calls, text and play games with your device than I wouldn’t worry about it.  But if you pay bills, use PayPal, make purchases, etc with your device, than you should think long and hard about downloading one of the apps listed above.  I’ve used Lookout for the past 1 1/2 years and it works great, doesn’t drain my battery and gives me piece of mind. 
    And that’s all I have to say about that mmmkay.

  25. If you get infected you probably deserved it.. that’s just MHO.

  26. The only best anti-malware app is the user.
    Only the stupid with no common sense download crap and cry about malwares. Man, i thought people should learn this lesson by now from Windows.

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