Samsung requests for trademarks, possibly for Galaxy S III US variants?


Talk Android has spotted three Samsung trademark requests: Galaxy Accelerate, Galaxy Express, and Galaxy Thunder. They also trademarks earlier for Galaxy Stellar, Halo and Emerge. If granted, some of these could potentially be the names for the Samsung Galaxy S III variants in the US (though I’m doubtful of Halo, because of the Microsoft-owned Xbox game).

What’s more interesting, though, is the request for Samsung Wallet. Could Sammy be prepping a competitor to Google Wallet and ISIS, in an already overcrowded space?

[via Talk Android]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Yay lets start bringing fragmentation to e-wallets too!


    1. Seriously <_<

  2. Three variants… I guess I probably won’t be seeing a Verizon Galaxy SIII. =/

    1. By no means a necessity. There are 6 names in total there (with the three previous ones) and a trademark request does not result in a product name every time.

  3. In regards to the Halo copyright/trademark whatever, I doubt this is true, though it may be, but if that were the case does Rihanna have to pay royalties to Microsoft for her song :X

    1. A song and a product have different approaches to this issue. The fact that MS owns the trademark means they’ll definitely put up a fight, and it might not be worth the legal hassle.

    2. what song does she have to pay them fuckers for? cant think of any one of them off the top of my head

    3. That would be true, but “halo” isn’t a made up word lyk “droid”. It’s an actual word. An angel’s halo. So in regards to video games, then yea. In the mobile industry, it’s a completely different field. 

      Though I do understand what you mean when MS will try and fyte that.

  4. wasnt it the same thing last year none of those names were used for the S2 were they?

  5. Andrew i think you mean beyonce with halo

  6. Galaxy SIII US variants? Wow must be right around the corner!

    Get back to me in September.

    1. Right around when my contract ends ^_^, I’m hoping for an october release :)

      1.  Im ok with that, mine is up in march ’13. So knowing verizon, theyll be getting around to it just in time.

  7. Meh. Sammy Mobile division puts out unreliable devices anyway, and that’s putting it very very nicely.

  8. Will it kill these idiots to just embrace simplicity and leave the name alone ad SGSIII!

  9. All aboard the Galaxy Express 9999. No? Nobody? old anime :)

  10. Express sounds more like a mid-range device. I’d be surprised if that was used for a flagship phone. Of course, we’ll never know until the leaks start coming in. All the other names could easily fit the GSIII or another similar high end device, imo.

  11. Or just make one version, name it Samsung Galaxy SIII and release it worldwide to carriers who want it?

    1. I agree. I think Samsung are at a point now where people WANT their phones, and they should offer it to the carriers as “the Galaxy S3, you’re not renaming it”.
      The carriers would be foolish to turn down what is pretty much guaranteed to be their best selling handset (except iPhone) because of name vanity, and wanting to “have something different the other carriers don’t have” – NEWSFLASH, IT’S STILL THE SAME F*CKING PHONE, EVEN IF YOU PUT A DIFFERENT NAME ON IT!

  12. No way! A new phone from samsung next year? I don’t believe it..

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