7-Inch ASUS Nexus Tablet Could Launch In May For Between $200 and $250


Digitimes is firing up the rumor mill once again, this time reporting that the Google commissioned 7-inch ASUS tablet could be in our hands as early as May and, once again, will retail between $200 and $250.

Google reportedly shopped around for other Taiwanese OEM’s to manufacturer the Nexus tab but apparently, Acer lacked a proper in-house R&D department and HTC didn’t want to ruin their “brand image” with a rock bottom, low-priced tablet (you know, because their other tabs are doing so well).

ASUS has a lot to gain from the joint venture as they will learn how to develop solid software firsthand from the boys at Google, and how to incorporate it better into their hardware. Oh yeah, and this thing will sell like hot cakes. You’ll be buying one, right?

[Digitimes | Via Electronista]


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  1. Yeah…I would definitely buy one.  

  2. Hahaha – HTC thinks they’re too good to make a Nexus tablet, now? ASUS will get my money!

    1. ONLY if the GPS works…I actually returned my Prime cause of that BS

    2. HTC has been screwing up for years, IMO, since Sense 2.5+. It went from being cool to a bloated mess we want to get off our phones. The hardware has always been solid though.

      1. Chris Brown!!! hope ur nicer to ur digital devices than u are rhianna

    3. Makes me think HTC has something cool upcoming…

    4. No, they just don’t want the general consumer to realize that OEMs have been price fixing tablets and smartphones from the get-go. What they did was effectively pleading the 5th to that one.

  3. if the specs are good, i’d totally get one

    1. Specs are outstanding.  Think of it as a 7″ Transformer Prime and you’d be close to what this will come packing.

  4. well hope they still make the new nexus

  5. I’ve been waiting for a good 7 incher. Sammy’s have been good but their software update times are awful. The EVO View/Flyer is really nice as well, but bloated with sense and on the verge of being abandoned. I think Asus has a winner with this one.

    1. View/Flyer on Honeycomb doesn’t have much Sense stuff done to it.

      1. My mom has one, yes it does. At lest it runs really smooth. I’d actually dare call it the best 7 incher on the market now that it’s not rocking GB. But because of it’s poor sales and early abandonment by HTC it will probably never see ICS.

        1. I meant compared to stock Honeycomb, it isn’t THAT much of a departure. Most of Sense on Honeycomb is improvements and not bloat.

          Also, near the end of January, an HTC customer service rep said that ICS would be coming to the Flyer in a few months. Hopefully that holds true.

  6. I’ll buy two!!

  7. If this comes with ability to be used as cellphone, definitely. 

    1. why would you want to use a 7″ cellphone?  just use skype.

      1. He probably meant he wants it to have a cellular radio so he can pair it with a Bluetooth headset. I don’t think anyone wants to hold a 7″ tablet to their face.

    2. Just add this to your collection of devices that WiFi tether to your cell phone — unless you just want to buy another SIM and pay for yet another account with your cell carrier.

      It is hard to imagine anyone using a 7″ tablet as their main device.

      1. Sarah Palin is calling my house. I know it’s her. She calls over nd over, she won’t stop. I sent some limericks I thought she would like, but she never responded.
        How do I make her stop calling me? I’m afraid she will find me. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

        1. Don’t answer other people’s telephones.

          1. THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!!!
            I’m not joking. I sent her some limericks then I started getting phone calls, at lest 80, I started counting after about 10 or so. I figured I could post lots of stuff and confuse them a little to buy some time to think of how to make the calls stop.

          2. What is your opinion of actually answering the phone?

          3. If I do that they will know I’m at home…I am by myself and if she sends someone to get me I will not be able to hide or runaway.

            I is still ringing but not so much. I have counted 227 rings so far! 
            I will not sleep tonight again if this happens, I have not slept in 2 days now because of telephone calls she is making.

          4. Must get brain…

  8. 7″ ? No thanks …

    I own GNexus, 7″ is just too small, not much increase from 4.65″ (GNexus).

    1. Agreed, I wan’t 10 inches.

      1. that’s what she said.

    2. Yeah, I was hoping for a larger screen too. Bummer. These a just rumors though, so who knows really. There is still a possibility for a ‘normal’ sized Nexus tablet. 

    3.  It has 125% more screen area….

    4.  I hope it’ll stay 7″. This is the only condition under which I’m buying it. Have no need for another pseudo-portable computing device.

  9. This will definitely replace my kindle fire. 7″ is the perfect size IMO, its big enough that its comfortable to watch videos and read text on, bit small enough to be held (I can even use my kindle) one handed. An 8.9″ tablet is the biggest ill buy.

    Apart from the size, wont Asus making the nexus tab pull from the memo tab they are releasing soon? Perhaps it would be wise to “smoosh” them together of sorts? The 7″ “nexus memo” pad?

  10. heck, at that price, I¨ll def have one or 2 as a travel compliment to my Prime which by the way, never had any GPS or WiFi issues…top quality from a manufacturer that dares to break the mold. Too bad I have to wait so long!

    1. No problem with my Prime either. It’s Amazing! Finally was brave enough to unlock and custom ROM it last night. 

    Kids will love this toy!

    It will be called the Asus Transformer Bumblebee!

    1. Haha.. Will u paint yours yellow with a black racing stripe?  Lol

      1. will it make it run faster?

  12. HTC tablet sucks.

    1. you know how?  

      1.  How? Like a Flying vacuum cleaner.

  13. I had the original samsung galaxy tab and was happy with it until i got the original transformer from asus. I want a bigger screen for browsing the web and watching movies. 10.1 is starting to get small, asus should launch a eee pad transformer nexus at 12-13.3 inches. That would sell.

  14. I need before May.. Sons birthday.. Hehe

    1.  I doubt most of us will get it in May. If the rumor is true, this thing will be selling like hot cakes. I’ll be placing my order right after a pre-order page is available.

  15. Wàñt ‘it

  16. My OG Tab can finally rest, bring it on Asus.

  17. I already own an Asus Prime, but if this is true I’d buy one for my sister & brother.

  18. I hope there is a 10 inch version also.

  19. Asus already said they were going to sell a 7 inch Tegra 3 tablet with a 1GB RAM and ICS for $250. If that tablet becomes the Nexus then I’m good with that. 

  20. I would be excited if ASUS included the stylus like that of their Eee Pad MeMO 171 7″ tablet from last year.

  21. The size is a disappointment (that’s what she said…not to me though).

  22. This is what I will be buying.

  23. Definitely getting one.

  24. I”m not a fan of Android tablets but I’d buy one at that price.

  25. I would have prefered a 10″ size as a standard size, especially for a Nexus device, that’s the only thing holding me back. Now if it docks to my Transformer’s dock, I will definetly get it

    1. I’m wondering why the dock connector is on the short side instead of the long side. Seems like it would fit a keyboard dock more naturally that way.

      1. Maybe it’s supposed to be handled more frequently in portrait mode like a phone? This would be in agreement with most smaller tabs.

        1. Well yeah, that is quite obvious. But if you’ve got it docked on a keyboard you’d probably want it in landscape mode. Moving the dock connector to the adjacent side wouldn’t affect it’s un-docked portrait usability.

          1. After reading your comment I felt like Captain Obvious, I’m sorry! Maybe it’s ASUS’ standard to always have the connector on the “down side” so that they can sell specific accessories? We’ll probably never know ;D

          2. On the larger ASUS tablets that are already on the market, the dock connector is on the long side. You’d think they would do the same here.

    2. I have to say that my Nook has an excellent form factor for carrying it around. If the MeMO has the same resolution as my 10″ TF101 then that would be so sweet. I am with you that compatibility with the TF101 dock would be another important selling point.

  26. For two hundred, yes, I would get it.  If it has at least the specs for the Galaxy Nexus I would.  Tablets, for me though, are a market created not one needed.  Its a shame the Prime could not match this price.  

  27. At that price and with good specs heck even I might buy one… and it’ll be my first tablet :-)

  28. If you make it, they will buy it. I know I could use a good tablet with good hardware

  29. I have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and fine with that. I’ll start thinking about buying another tablet when the second or third nexus tablet comes out, if any.

  30. Sign me up!

  31. Actually, I will get 3 or 4.

  32. Would of loved for Acer to make this.

    -Iconia Tab FTW.

    1. *would’ve*

  33. Absolutely!  The Tegra 3 is a Beast in the Prime…simply awesome!  The Asus Transformer Infinity would be my next tablet of choice, but $600 for the 16 GB tablet is encroaching on the lower-end of laptop territory.  Apple must be taking a hit on their bottom line (per tablet) to make the IPad higher resolution without increasing the price.

  34. Imagine if Asus used these kinds of internals for a <$300 Nexus phone… 

  35. I want one!

  36. If this comes with some type of keyboard attachment, I’m DEFINITELY getting this. 

    If it doesn’t, then I’m still getting this and my next phone will be a keyboard phone. =.P

    As soon as Sprint get’s a good one. I hate Verizon users with their Droid. And I’m not on Tmo any more, so there goes the G2, (and hopes for G3) or MyTouch 4G Slide. *sigh*

    Why does Sprint hate QWERTY phones?

  37. I’ll most definitely be adding 1 or 2 of these to my tablet collection. And I also would like to see it able to make calls. I’ve been thinking of buying an international version of the galaxy tab 7.7 to use as my main device, with bluetooth of course.

  38. Waiting impatiently!

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