Today Only: Google Music Leap Day Sale – 29 Albums For Only $3 Each


It’s a day that only comes along once every 4 years, and to celebrate leap year, Google is having a sale today on some of the hottest albums out with some oldies but goodies thrown into the mix as well. 29 albums in all, ranging from Rhianna, to Lana Del Rey, to Selena Gomez can all be had for the affordable price of only $3 each. Today only, so you’d better hurry!

It’s been reported that Google Music hasn’t been doing so well since it’s launch, so if you were planning on picking up these albums, keep off of iTunes, okay? Who’s album are going to download/add to your Google Music locker?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Bought the Tyga album the other day, Google Music is ok, I just wish that when u actually download the album on your phone it allows u to play it another music player other than Google Music… Kinda sucks.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can download the album onto your computer, go to google music website and select the track options and you’ll see a link to download to your computer.

      I got the J dilla donuts album…Google music needs to step their game, i feel that there promotions kinda are lame. Always showing poplar music that people already have, from either having the CD or stealing it. Show me albums like j dilla albums that are damm i forgot to get back in 2009, not some damm i heard this crapp so many time in 2012, i don’t even wana hear it nor buy it. 

      1. yea exactly all I see when I go to google music on their top album section is watch the throne and take care… Their albums got enough promotions, they need to showcase other artists

      2. great album.

    2. You can download songs you purchase to your computer, and transfer them to your phone. It’s not seamless, but it works.

      1. yea thanks, I realized that but as you mentioned its a lot of unnecessary steps imho 

    3. Kinda sucks that you can but you didn’t google to find out.   :o

    4. Doesn’t simply selecting “Make available offline” do that already? Haven’t really tried it since I can’t buy anything here in Canada and already have my music collection offline.

  2. Who “buys” music lol? Jk, but I still buy physical, mostly because I never liked iTunes and the crappy rules they had. But once Google works on Music a little, I’ll start buying music from them

    1. not sure too many people use iTune$ here anyways.  It’s bloated crapware regardless of platform.   Amazon still has a better platform that Google.  I’m hoping Google can catch up and be less archaic (aka beta-ish).

  3. Google Y U NO Music in Europe!? ;/

  4. some good deals here, just not interested in buying CDs or digital music since I went with Spotify premium. the mixture of Spoitify along with my personal collection already on Google Music, and the occasional purchase of an album I really like on vinyl is all I need in terms of music, no need for additional purchases in the digital side.

  5. ive got to get an android phone again i broke my third og epic and instead of paying for the full $100 deductible i just found a palm pixi on amazon for $35 hoping i could hold out for whatever sprint comes out with next but this is killing me im missing out on so much…web os isnt that bad though the whole multitasking windows thing would be cool on android…but i really need something to get LTE and ICS for sprint

  6. All crap music.   Lady Crappy to Shitty Wayne.  Since Google uses my data for advertising, why not use it to find music I’m actually interested in.  really google, really?

    1. Agreed. Would be nice to see some Hound Dog Taylor or Nighthawks or Joe Jackson or anything with more soul than the crap listed.

  7. Google Music hasn’t been doing so well since its launch? Not surprising at all to me. Those morons should release it in Europe…

  8. Buy 29 albums, or use the same cash to make millions of albums available everywhere through a streaming service.  Tough choice?

  9. Just got the new Van Halen album for $2.99, good deal.

  10. I Got 3 Albums this morning, good deals!

  11. Easy, Chris… Take it down some …G music is new give it time…buddysir

  12. I’ll stick with Spotify for the moment. I’m from the UK so this isn’t available yet 

  13. I picked up the Lana Del Rey album and Dark Side of the Moon. I am loving these Google Music promotions but they are really starting to cost me!

    I have set a personal rule to only buy digital music from Google Music to support the Android ecosystem. 
    It has been a tough decision in some cases though..
    Most recently, Sleigh Bells’ new album cost me a few bucks more on GM than it would have on Amazon MP3.

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