Hands-On the Huawei Ascend D Quad at MWC [VIDEO]


Quad-core processor. Android 4.0. The fastest phone in the world? That’s the claim Huawei is making about their brand new Ascend D Quad. These boastful statements are a fun PR ploy for launches, but their truthfulness is usually short-lived as bigger, better, faster, thinner, and whatever-elser devices seem to out-awesome their predessors on a daily basis. Even so, the D Quad is pretty impressive for an Android manufacturer who has come a long way in the past couple years.

CORRECTION: The D Quad leverages its own Huawei made 1.5GHz K3V2 processor, not an NVIDIA processor as mentioned in the below video.

While the D Quad leads with it’s 4 cores and Android 4.0, there are a few other reasons to consider this phone a beast, including:

  • 4.5-inch screen
  • 8MP camera
  • Front facing camera
  • Only 8.9mm thick

The D Quad has an 1800 mAh battery but you can upgrade to the D Quad XL with a 2500 mAh battery for extra juice. Of course that will come with some extra thickness too.

When Huawei first entered the Android scene in North America their devices worked and felt like they were, shall we say, more on the economical side. The D Quad completely diverges from that path. It’s meant to be a high end device, and from what I can tell after my limited use with the phone, it succeeds. Huawei is really becoming a contender, whether or not the D Quad remains the “fastest smartphone” for very long.

Rob Jackson
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  1. It has double the bandwith of Tegra3 for RAM. Should be fast. Quad A9 cores.

  2. lol. D Quad. Next one will be the Huawei Ascend A Sole.

    1. Didn’t think anyone would catch that ;D

    2. I don’t get it :-(

      1. Say it 5 times fast ;)

        1. I get it now! Lol

  3. Vanilla? Yes plz.

  4. htc can learn somthing from these specs 

    1. Agreed.  Having waited for the One X and been hugely disappointed by the battery, the storage (or lack of it), and worst of all the stupid exclusive tie-up with AT&T and consequent lack of TMO bands, I foresee a Huawei in my future, assuming they produce a pentaband version.

      1. You have a defensible point witht the sd card slot, but we don’t know anything about the battery life yet. Amp-hour ratings are only comparable across the same device, and for all we know 28nm processors run for 3 days on 1.8 Ah. Couple the smaller fab process with cores greatly underclocke/disabled for most of the day, as well as the efficient use of gpu rendering vs. cpu for most of the OS, and I bet we’re going to be happy with the life.
        Unless you’re only unhappy with the fact that it’s non-removable in which case I agree and it sucks.
        Edit* I’m only interested in the XL with krait as I’m a qualcomm fanboy, but I still think tegra’s plus one trick will make battery life good.

  5. i would buy it for the vanilla ICS alone… why does nobody do this… i understand SOME companies doing their skins such as HTC sense (which is actually DIFFERENT then stock) but some companies like moto and samsung need to go stock. their skins are shit and don’t really even change anything 

    1. The big OEM’s will never change. Ever. Sucks but it’s just the reality we have to live with.

      The good news is because of the fierce competition in Android, underdogs like Huawei, will (probably only at first) use stock Android as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition..
      But, once (if) their devices take off, I’m sure they’ll add their own skin down the road..

  6. I’m unfamiliar with the brand but this is exactly what I want spec wise.  I was extremely disappointed with the htc one x.

    1. “Extremely disappointed”?! That phone was awesome Sense and all.

      1. I didn’t like the fact that there was a small built in battery and no SD card slot. With the D quad XL I would get a 2500 mAh battery. I have an HTC inspire now but buying the one x would be telling them a small built in battery and no SD card slot is OK and its not. HTC is becoming more like apple.

  7. I’m curious as well as to what carriers will pick this up in the states…if any?

  8. Any word on carriers or if it’s GSM or CDMA? Thanks, as this looks like it has some pretty damn good specs.

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