First look at the LG Optimus 3D Max [MWC 2012]


3D is back, baby, even if it never left. While I’m still no convert to the cult of the third dimension, the LG Optimus 3D Max takes what was a well-intentioned first effort and adds that polish that was lacking from the original. Following the their first 3D effort announced last year, LG has made strides to improve the handset in nearly every way.

The Optimus 3D Max is a “tri-dual” handset. It has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, dual-memory, and it is all handled by way of a dual-channel configuration. The setup was first introduced last year and allows for the independent handling of tasks by routing them through the hardware components in an extremely efficient way. In other words, it might not pack the latest quad-core tech, but the Optimus 3D Max is no slouch.

The 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D display offers a similar experience from last year, but it is realized to a much better degree. The old model was a bit finicky when it came to finding the “sweet spot” for images to emerge from the screen rather than appear as a blurred-mess, but the 3D Max requires less adjusting and offers a wider range of viewing angles and distances. The 3D is impressive yet still a bit gimmicky.

While there haven’t been huge strides in upping the 3D content or the way that 3D enhances the user experience, the handset’s dual 5MP camera setup allows for the capture of three-dimensional photos and videos. This should be where the phone’s unique features are best on display and likely where they will get the most use.

The Optimus 3D Max has slimmed down a bit from last year’s model. It measures in at 9.6mm thick and weighs in at 148g. The difference is noticeable and appreciated. For all of its refinements, there is still a bit left to be desired with the Optimus 3D Max. Perhaps it’s simply because the phone launched next to a couple of show-stealing devices in the Optimus Vu and Optimus 4X HD. Perhaps it is the fact the 3D smartphones haven’t caught on in the way many manufacturers anticipated. It will be interesting to see if this is the final entry into the series or if LG will find it worthwhile to continue the experiment next year.

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