Tegra 3 to support LTE, no more HSPA+ only Tegra devices


4G LTE is the fastest mobile data technology we have around, but it has been having issues with adoption. This is mainly due to the fact that many chips do not support LTE connectivity. Most manufacturers lean towards Qualcomm for LTE-compatible chipsets. Tegra 3 processors have been about the most desired devices for LTE users, but this is about to change, as NVIDIA is working on making its devices LTE-compatible.

NVIDIA has formed a partnership with GCT Semiconductor and Renesas mobile to bring the blazing speeds of 4G LTE to its products. It might take some time before we start seeing these devices show up, though. We can all hope for some more details to be announced during the coming days. And we can’t wait to play around with some of these smartphones. Mixing the performance of Tegra processors with 4G LTE speeds sounds like the deal of the year.

Let’s stay tuned for more details. But for now, let us know what you think! Have you been waiting to see Tegra 3 devices running on 4G LTE networks?

[Source: NVIDIA Via: Engadget]

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  1. Tegra barely supports HSPA+ anyways. T-mobile is most likely going to want to switch everything to and S4 processor for more mbps. I prefer S4 anyways, it is better(my opinion)

    1. As someone who likes to play games I can tell you that games play much much faster and smoother n my G2x than they did on my Sensation.

      1.  cuz teh senaation blows i have it
        just a terrible phone

  2. I love games too, and the tegra 3 gpu is better than that of the S4, but I think the s4 is a great balance. It will have great battery life, preforming, and I guess games. The only think I think tegra 3 outperforms it in is graphics/games

  3. the Verizon galaxy tab 10.1 has tegra 2 and lte.

    1. Yeah. The Xoom does as well.

  4. i dont get this “lte is the fastest ” talk
    when i have seen hspa+42 get higher speeds than lte several times

    1. Tell me when you can get 50mbps+ on 42mbps hspa and we’ll talk, until then LTE is the fastest.

      1. Seeing as I have yet to get over 30Mbps…and average around 10-20…on Verizon….in my area

        Whichever one is the fastest is mostly for bragging rights right now. 10Mbps is more than fast enough for most ppl. Thats why I still dont understand why T Mobile ditched the Exynos chip on their GS2 phone.

        1. So they can stick that hspa+42 modem in there.  That gives people around 8-12mbps on average where as if you had an hspa+21 modem you would see lower than that on average.

    2. To me…the fastest doesnt really matter to me…when all phone manufactures dont even use the tech to take advantage of it. Moto uses LTE tech thats capped at 50Mbps. HTC and Samsung use tech thats capped at 100.

      I assume the ones thats capped higher will post faster speeds all things being equal. 

      In my experience…10Mbps is more fast enough for most ppl on these phones. My desktop PC…well….thats at 60Mbps…lol. At one point I needed it, not so much anymore.

    3. call me crazy, but tech companies arent only thinking about the now.  They also have to take into account the future.  Maybe HSPA has pretty much peaked right now, and with LTE, we are barely scratching the surface.  Perhaps that’s way companies are making the switch.

        We know verizon is testing HD phone calls over LTE.  That could be a huge marketing asset for consumer and business lines.  I don’t know what else LTE can do or what HSPA cant do, but there must be some reason all 4 major carriors are jumping on the bandwagon.

      1. just wait for lte advanced

  5. I have a galaxy s 2 on T-Mobile in a market for the 42mpbs but never see it i get good speeds most the time but only about half lte speeds most the time around 12mpbs

    1. 42mbps is theoretical

    2. That’s an excellent speed you are getting.  If T-Mobile ever deploys HSPA+ 84, for example, you would be likely to see 24mbps with your handset.

  6. Ummmmm EXYNOS + LTE anyone?

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