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With HTC still a few days away from announcing their new smartphone lineup for 2012 there is still plenty of time to get a few more leaks in. The latest comes in the form of a promotional render of the upcoming HTC One X. You may recognize the phone from an early leak (back when it was still going by codenames HTC Edge and Endeavor), but our latest look has all the touches of a handset ready for its debut at Mobile World Congress. Note the location on the weather widget.

The only noticeable difference from initial renders of the One X is the parsing down of Android soft keys from the four of yesterday to the more Ice Cream Sandwich appropriate three (with multitasking key). We also peep Sense 4.0 one more time. If you were hoping HTC would give a fresh look to their latest offerings, it doesn’t look like they attempted to reinvent the wheel. Unibody styling and typical HTC accents look to continue into 2012.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. oh hey look, its an evo, i mean a desire hd, i mean a thunderbolt, i mean a sensation… zzzzzz htc please try another design (and no, changing the buttons at the bottom doesnt count)

    1. Why mess with the perfect design?  It’s a Nexus One with a bigger screen and without the trackball.

    2. Og Evo was/is the best looking phone ever made IMO. Simple, with nice little designs. I wish this looked MORE like the Evo.

    3. There are sooo many people that bitch and complain about the design of HTC phones. Why fix what isn’t broken? Why change a perfectly good path of designs with a perfectly fine feel? Keep in mind we have yet to see the back. In my opinion, HTC is still an Android front runner and I agree, the Evo’s design sure set the bar. Makes me wish every phone has a kickstand too. It’s just the simple things.

      1. Except that they had the lowest quarter last quarter so clearly something isn’t working. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/htc-4th-quarter-net-down-26-2012-01-06

        1. yeah the people. the only thing people care about is thin plastic (samsung). I for one love htc build quality compared to other companies. I do wish battery life was longer then a day but only the droid razer has that. 

  2. The only thing I liked about sense was the curved launcher dock. Oh well…

    1.  That’s the only thing I disliked about Sense.

    2. The only thing I was sick of seeing on Sense was the curved launcher dock.  Glad they got rid of it.  Still, nothing is better than Go Launcher’s dock.

      1. That’s the great thing about Android, if you find something you don’t like, no problem just change it. If you are on an iToy and find something you don’t like your only option is to lie, say it’s a great feature and pretend the phone is the best technology in existence LOL

    3. thats the one thing i despies the most on HTC phones

      also the ugly icons and stupid clock

  3. I’ve had ics on my sensation for awhile now and it is pretty smooth no hiccups or freezes so far. Let’s see what sense 4.0 brings to the table

  4. I wish they made the bottom dock clear

  5. Another uninspired HTC design that looks like it comes from 2005.
    They could have gone bold…. I guess they don’t want to reverse their abysmal 2011.

    1. Really? 2005? What devices were they manufacturing in 2005 that looked like that?

  6. Damn if only this thing would come with the S4 cpu and all the connectivity and battery-consumption it offers. It would be perfect.

    As it stands right now I’m more interested in the One V (Ville) but I wish it had the HD resolution of the X. 

  7. Why are so many people messed up about how the device looks? I get really freaked out when I hear someone refer to a device as sexy. 

  8. “The only noticeable difference from initial renders of the One X is the parsing down of Android soft keys” – Are they capacative buttons or virtual? Love the virtual buttons on the Nexus, would be a shame if they missed out on that.

  9. Looks like my inspire…

  10. I love the software keys on my nexus but won’t they eventually kind of burn into the screen

  11. Is this going to AT&T?  I know they are getting an HTC device going by the “Congressional” right now, that has these exact same specs.  Supossed to be released end of March or first week of April. 

    1. I hope it comes to AT&T.  I just wish it had a AMOLED screen and a bigger battery.  A micro sd card slot wouldn’t hurt either.

  12. Looks great to me… And with those hardware and software improvements, HTC phones get better and better.  

  13. I like the beveled glass on the sides. HTC has always made some of the sexiest looking phones ever since the N1.

     Complaining that they’ve looked the same for years is like complaining Audi doesn’t change it up or that the VW Beatle always has the same look.I don’t care if they look like this for another 2 years, when it comes to all the OEM’s, HTC phones have always been the most attractive. =)

    1. I think Sony Ericssons/Sony have always been the most attractive.

    2. I agree..People always want change but when it comes it’s always too drastic and then considered ugly, especially when it comes to phones outside of the apple realm. If it’s too thin, they complain about the potential battery life. If it’s too fat they complain about it not keeping up with the thin trend, etc, etc.  The analogy you presented hits the nail right on the head. I for one love HTC phones all across the board, especially the newer batch. Build quality is always superb from my experience compared to other plastic feeling devices.  Skins on them can be a but sluggish every now and then but the appeal is the sexiest by far aside from stock IMO :) As long as they don’t flood the market, I’m gonna remain in love with HTC :)

    3. Here, here! I couldn’t agree more. For some reason, htc has alot of haters right now. Kind of like how everyone HATED sammy for producing identical looking, plasticky, buggy, non updated devices, not that long ago.

  14. FAIL.  look for HTC to miss a whole bunch of future earnings and revenue expectations.  when you release the same old crap over and over again you reap what you sow.  do you hear me Chou???????????????

    1. No he doesn’t hear you because he has better things to do than listen to whiny people on a website (:

  15. Boy, that looks vaguely familiar, oh now I see it, it looks like every other one of their phone out now. 

  16. Stfu about the whole thing where HTC devices look the same. They don’t. Tell me one company thats innovative. Motorola okay maybe but Samsung hell no! They are all big screens with black plastic bodies. There is only so much you can do with a device and HTC can’t change that much more. I think they look awesome. And who knows this is only one of the HTC devices out there.

  17. Can’t wait to try out the one x. Shaping up to be an awesome phone.

    Anyone looking to buy/sell/trade their phones come join us on celltraderonline.com. Most of the members so far are coming from xda.

    I’m sure once the One X comes out many will be up for sale on there!

  18. Can’t wait to try out the One X. Shaping up to be an awesome phone.

    Anyone looking to buy/sell/trade their phones come join us on celltraderonline.com. Most of the members so far are coming from xda.

    I’m sure once the One X comes out many will be up for sale on there!

  19.   The Nokia Lumia 900 is the sexiest phone by far.  It runs WP7 though so there’s that.

  20. Well, it’s really hard to tell if those are soft keys or if perhaps we are looking at a screen that is almost edge to edge.  I mean you could draw a straight line down on the sides of the screen and it would still be within the barriers of the outside of the phone.  I haven’t given up hope yet…

  21. I dont buy this for one reason and that reason is just one word: Sense.

  22. can you people stop whining about the htc phones.. how come I don’t see anyone whine about the iphone?! and what do you want for a change of the design in the phone… do you want a rectangle design or triangles!.. what is it exactly you people need?
    To me all I need in the cellphone is a big whid screen with a decent front and rear camera and a good capacities for a hard drive and memory speed.. and one more thing htc is all about sens..so if you don’t like it. Then don’t buy the HTC go on and buy the IPhone.

  23. Every HTC phone looks like every other HTC phone. Oh, and and isn’t “One X” the name of a Three Days Grace album?

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