HTC One S and One V rumored to join One X at Mobile World Congress


HTC could be rethinking their entire device naming scheme, choosing to go with the name/modifier motif deployed by other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Yesterday we learned that the HTC Endeavor could launch as the HTC One X, and new sources claim there will be an HTC One S and HTC One V at Mobile World Congress as well. The One S is said to be the device leaked as the HTC Ville, while the One V will be a 3.7-inch handset not unlike an HTC Rhyme with Beats Audio and Android 4.0. As was suggested previously, the letter designation is said to appear as a superscript to the ‘One.’

It sounds like HTC is trying to conjure up their own version of “Galaxy” or “Optimus,” which means we could still see these phones under other names on specific carriers, especially in the US. A push towards simplifying naming procedures should  not only help unify HTC’s Android lineup.

[via TheVerge]

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  1. Is there something missing from this sentence?  “A push towards simplifying naming procedures should  not only help unify HTC’s Android lineup.”

    1. …but…

  2. It’s the HTC One but there’s three of them…  These names won’t fly in the States.

    1. They’d fly fine as long as they only have one on each carrier. They sun into problems if the want numbers…the One 2? The One 3? The HTC Sprint One S 4 HD 4G?

  3. For God sakes its a name not war.

  4. They already developed the EVO line, why not expand that to compete with Galaxy?

    1. totally agree. Awesome name, and the original was (is) McAwesome

  5. Samsung -> GALAXY nexus S = Galaxy S/Y/S+/etc lineup
    HTC -> Nexus One = One X/ One V/ One S/etc lineup
    Motoroloa -> no Nexus, just Droid lineup
    Sony -> ???
    LG -> ???
    Huawei -> ???
    NEC -> ???

    probably forgetting some easy OEMs

    1. DROID is Verizon isn’t it?  Is there a DROID anything else anywhere else?

      1. Correct. Vzw licenses it from Lucas, not Moto.

      2. Really……Thank god, that the same phones have the same names over here regardless of carrier

    2. Oh and Sony has Xperia…

      1. I knew I was forgetting that one, but for some reason I assumed that sony would drop the Xperia line now that ericson isn’t part of it anymore…dun ask me how I got to that conclusion, just know that somehow I did :P

  6. EVO is their most popular phone to date and they should run with that.  They need to expand on that name ‘cuz everyone knows what an Evo is.  Evo 2, Evo 3, Evo X, Evo HD… And for God sakes put a bigger battery in them. Somebody at HTC needs some sense smacked into them, no pun intended. Lol.

    1. Evo is a Sprint trademark, not an HTC one. And I think they killed the trademark with the View.

    2. They screwed themselves over with the evo 3d, they would have to start at the evo 4 to not confuse customers…

  7. The Ville looks sexy and if that’s an S4 in there might be my next phone

  8. They don’t understand the meaning of the word “One.” They should reserve “One” for _one model_, their top end flagship, and save the “Subscript^Superscript” naming scheme for everything else.

  9. HTC’s Android offerings should have been named under their most popular device. The EVO! Really should of been a no brainer. Release a few EVO variants a year, scale back Sense to let ICS shine through and you’re golden.

    1. Evo is Sprint, Droid is Verizon, Galaxy is Samsung, Xperia is Sony, and Optimus is LG. HTC needs to create their own name or convince Sprint to let the Evo name be licensed.

  10. This naming convention is only going to lead to problems…

    1: “I really liked Star Wars one.”
    2: “You did? Ewww, Jar Jar.”
    1: “What? No – you know – Darth Vader force chokes that dude.. blows up Alderaan”
    2: “Oh, that’s number four.”
    1: “No it’s not, it came out first”
    2: “You see, even though Star Wars came out first, it is really number four because..”
    1: “…”
    1: “BURN THE WITCH!!”

  11. The EVO name will probably live for a long time on Sprint. Just another wild guess here but there might be a nasty LTEvo mid to late summer to accommodate original EVO 4G buyers due for routine upgrades. It would have dominant specs like the original when it launched.

  12. Rogers, Telstra, and at least one Japanese carrier have the Evo 3D, and it is named as such. Unless they’re all paying Sprint, could the Evo name actually belong to HTC?

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