Feb 15th, 2012

Good news tonight from the Google Wallet camp who have successfully managed to patch up at least one security hole in their much desired (but rarely used?) Android app. Apparently, that tricky little hack that allowed some to delete the app’s user data, and set an all new PIN has been fixed, giving users access, and the ability to add funds, to their virtual Google prepaid cards.

Google Wallet’s Vice President Osama Bedier had this to say on the Google Commerce blog,

Yesterday afternoon, we restored the ability to issue new prepaid cards to the Wallet. In addition, we issued a fix that prevents an existing prepaid card from being re-provisioned to another user. While we’re not aware of any abuse of prepaid cards or the Wallet PIN resulting from these recent reports, we took this step as a precaution to ensure the security of our Wallet customers. If you are unable to access your previous prepaid card balance for any reason, please contact our toll-free support for assistance.

There you have it folks. Your prepaid dollars are once again safe in the arms of Google. Now, the only thing you have to worry about now is keeping your unlocked and rooted phone out of the physical hands of hackers. Shouldn’t be too hard, now should it?

[Google Commerce | Via Gizmodo]

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