ASUS Transformer ICS Update Delayed Until March


Owners of the original ASUS Transformer are still without Ice Cream Sandwich despite expected windows of January and February for its launch. It looks like you guys might have to wait even longer as ASUS Singapore has mentioned that they are now looking at a February/March window, meaning it could be here any time between now and the end of March. That still doesn’t mean much because, you know, it could always get delayed again. We’re still hopeful ASUS will be able to get this thing out before the second quarter arrives. ASUS didn’t provide any details as to why the update was being delayed. [Facebook via AndroidPolice]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thats why most manufacturers and phone carriers never give estimated dates or time frames when updates are going to get released, because now asus look like liars.

  2. And I was all hype to buy the Transformer. Might as well stuck with any old Tablet.

    1. No, just get the Transformer Prime.

    2. Any old tablet? Asus still has the best support of any company. The transformer is still king of the duel core tablets, and it will still get the update before any of the other old tablets will.

  3. Hello Ipad …. 

    1. Inferior to the Transformer Prime.

      Goodbye troll.

  4. It’s likely because of Chinese New Year, ASUS only has one team porting ICS on to devices, the 2 week holiday probably caused more of a delay than expected. 

    1.  They didn’t know there would be a Chinese New Year this year?

      1. since when has holiday trumped business! $ is $. 

  5. Honeycomb is working great on my Transformer, so I’m fine with the wait. In fact, I’d rather they take their time and get the bugs out. (I’m remembering the nightmare of the Droid X Gingerbread update, where once a day your phone lost the ability to make phone calls!)

    1. I agree…March is still sooner than Acer’s April date for their tablets. I’m sticking with ASUS.

  6. im guessing this delay is to promote their NEWER PRIME with ICS. 

  7. Apple reigns because of issues like this.  Not only do they release products when they say they will – they provide quality at the same time.  TF101 owner that is disappointed.  I’ll buy something else next time. CONGRATULATIONS ASUS!

    1.  Apple reigns because technophobes who don’t know a tablet from a typewriter walk into box stores and regurgitate to sales people the brand name they hear on CNN every night.  It takes Apple no less time to get their own OS to work with their own hardware, they just shroud the process in secrecy where Android has a public release date and every one can count the days until their device gets an update. 

      I choose freedom.

  8. I just want the browser to stop freezing and crashing…it does it far too often…

  9. I’d say this delay has more to do with the issues they’ve experienced with the Prime.   The Prime and the OG Transformer are really not that different hardware wise.  I’m sure most of the issues they are seeing on the Prime translate directly to the OG Transformer.   It makes zero sense for them to increase the number of people who are having problems with their devices until the issues with the Prime settle down.

  10. BZZZt.  Wrong.  That would be according to Asus Singapore.  Even then, they said between now and March.  It could still be out tomorrow.  EVEN if it waited til March, Asus is ahead of the game.

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