HTC Ville once more smiles for the camera


HTC will give us our first taste of their 2012 smartphone lineup at Mobile World Congress, but Japanese site Ameblo is giving us a look at one handset a few weeks early. The HTC Ville appears in a series of images only slightly less blurry than a video of the rumored dual-core device that came online last week. We don’t gain too much new info, but the photos re-emphasize the Ville’s thin profile, a design element that moves away from the chunkier casings of last year’s handsets (designs HTC called disappointing). The HTC Villa is said to run a 1.5GHz processor, make use of a 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED display, and measure in at a respectable 8.9mm. The phone should ship with Ice Cream Sandwich and an updates version of HTC’s Sense UI.

[Ameblo via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. not sure this is going to save HTC.

    1. HTC isn’t going to disappear…

      1. No, probably not but, I for one am really disappointed with what they have done with ICS/ Sense 4.0 :(

        Just wondering… When are we going to see the “benefit” of Google acquiring Moto? …For Android 4.0’s sake I might add…

        1. If you think sense on ics is bad wait until you see touchwiz and ics together. I think Samsung has missed the mark more so than htc has as far as ics goes. On my 4 personal devices I’ve got ics on all, although 1 is a gsm galaxy nexus, a galaxy tab 10.1 an HP touchpad that I let my son use and my backup phone which is my trusty htc aria. I think on the tab I wouldn’t mind a few of the touchwiz touches. Maybe a few Samsung widgets and the bottom menu that gives the quick widgets or whatever they are called.

          1. Well, that makes me feel *slightly* better. Seems like Sammy would have the best experience with ICS b/c of the Galaxy Nexus and all… Just seems like to me these manufacturers custom skins are really just shots in the dark based on nothing…
            They make it what they want it to be…

          2. From what I’ve seen, you can’t tell the difference from a Samsung galaxy s2 running gb and one running ics with tw4. The few videos I’ve seen it looks the same, the app drawer hasn’t changed and I think they are keeping the menu the same as it is on gb also. I was really hoping for more out of it, tw to me is boring but that’s just my opinion on it. I’ll wait to see more about sense 4.0 with ics before I decide which I like more.
            But like I said in another reply, as soon as a quad core phone comes out I’ll but it just to play with.
            If you search YouTube you can find some videos on the Samsung ics update, pre release of course so it’s hard to tell how much might change by the time it’s pushed.

          3. why the hell do you have 4 personal devices?

          4. Because I want to, I plan on having more soon also. Going to order the galaxy tab 7.7 and as soon as a quad core phone comes out I’m buying one of them as well.
            That’s the great thing about living in America, I am allowed to buy what I want when I want as long as I can afford to.
            The way things are going though I may not have that right much longer.

          5. lol @ the great thing about living in America. I mean you can do what you want. I just wanted to know cuz i didn’t foresee a real reason to having 4 so i was wondering if you had actual need/use for 4 or if you just liked toys.

      2. maybe, maybe not. but they could easily shrink and/or go bankrupt.  see Palm.  see Polaroid.  see Kodak.  the list goes on and on.  NEVER SAY NEVER. this could be the beginning of their death spiral. we shall see.

  2. They need to drop Sense.  It sucks and is bloated and slow.

    1. Is Sense the only thing that people don’t like about HTC?  I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is.  I actually like Sense (one of the few) and picked up a Rezound, which I am loving.  HTC has delivered a tool to unlock bootloaders, have great cameras, screens, procs, etc.  I know the styling has been outdated, but how the phone looks is one of my last concerns.  Someone shed some light for me please.

      1. I don’t like Sense.  It takes you way too far away from how Android is originally designed AND all HTC phones that I’ve handled all the way up to the Sensation are slower on the response due to Sense and had frequent lock ups and battery pulls.

        I owned a Vibrant that had its share of freezing and battery pulls but it was always highly responsive.  Galaxy S II… Forget it.  No problems.

        1. I had a Vibrant too, but it was anything but responsive.  Samsung’s retarded RFS file system killed performance on that device.  And because they wouldn’t release the source code for it, Cyanogen had to drop support for it because they couldn’t get E-911 working properly.

          1. I personally love sense but I do agree if you aren’t running a 1.2 dual core or above you are probably hating life, but they have admitted gingerbread does not make full use of the dual core design and that ics is going to fully explore it’s dual light saber abilities!

      2. No, haven’t you read? They’re chunky too. *sarcasm sarcasm*

        It seems like Sense is the real issue with people. I’ve tried stock Android. GB, HC, and ICS. I don’t like it. I like Sense. Period. 

      3. Also the terrible battery life.

      4. It makes dual-core phones perform like single core phones, plus the more bloat they add on to android itself the longer it takes to get updates.

  3. I thought I liked sense alot also until I rooted my phone and realized how much better the cyanogen based roms are. Now there is no way I could ever use sense again.

  4. Hmm… wonder if this is why we’re seeing price drop on HTC Rezound.

    1. I thought this was already confirmed for T-Mobile?

  5. HTC needs to get their act together… this phone doesn’t have what are now standard specs and it’s not even out yet!  qHD should be 720p and 1.5ghz dual core has been around for a while.  Step it up HTC.

    1. 1.5 is the standard high end tho, at&t only has 2, 1.5 phones on android and 2, 1.4 in the windows variety. even the ihewhomustnotbenamed is benched at 1.2 
      It’s not a flagship so the numbers are actually high when you consider what it will be sitting next to on the shelves.

  6. The dial-er is the only thing worth a crap in sense. ICS has a similar function…. but the t9 contact search in Sense is badass.

    You hearing this google!?

  7. So, imho, 720p or bust now. Not that qHD is bad, its just that 720p seems to be the new standard.

    1. The new standard for flagships maybe, but this isn’t a flagship phone.   What you’re waiting for is the Edge/Endevour.

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