Rumor: T-Mobile to have all handsets free after mail-in rebate this February 11th


T-Mobile subscribers looking to purchase a new phone might want to wait just a bit more. According to TmoNews‘ secret tipster, Magenta is getting ready for an “All Hands Day” sale, in which all devices will be completely free, after a mail-in rebate.

According to this Ninja, this offer will run only for a day – February 11. It will be applicable to both Classic and Value Plan subscribers, but that Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G devices will need a 5 GB data plan subscription. With those being the only exceptions, this deal seems rather enticing, and should be a great opportunity to upgrade. Or get that phone for a special someone during Valentine’s day.

So if you are thinking of getting that brand new hot smartphone, it might be worth it to sit tight until we hear (or don’t) about this.

[Via TmoNews]

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  1. Which begs the question of what is it that they are clearing space for. My contract just expired but I can’t say I want any of the current phones. And I suspect if I did go for one of these, I’d lose my grandfathered plan. Nope, I’ll wait and see.

  2. My comments doesn’t appear… I’ll be watching this!

  3. Will this work for new members also?

  4. I used to be a tmobile customer I am just wondering and I now this isn’t the place for this just wondering is just me but every time I would get a bill from them the amount to be payed was always different meaning had a set plan and every time I got my bill it was always different. One time more one time less but usually I was always charged some kinda off hidden fee.

  5. i’ll be switching to Straight Talk very soon unless some miracle is pulled off by T-Mobile.

  6. Oooooo…. can’t wait to get my Motorola RAZR circa 2004. Sign me up 4EVR!

  7. Until they get some phones that I actually want I’m not resigning. 

  8. I’m a happy T-Mobile customer (though I wish their 4G was really 4G) because I don’t need much talk time.  I use the phone as a phone for about 5 minutes a month _tops_.  So I can use their $30, no-contract plan with 100 minutes talk (_way_ too much for me), unlimited text (infinitely too much for me), and 5GB of “unlimited” data (just what I need).  I bought a T989 for $500 a while ago.  On an all-in cost basis, I’ll beat this “free” phone offer in less than a year.  Do the math.

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