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I never use ad-blocks. Not on my phone, or my computer. I completely understand that a developer has put in a ton of effort to create something that I’m using for free, and the least I can do is let them try to make money through advertisements.

But I have one golden rule: Keep those ads out of my notifications. I don’t care how good the app is, if you do that, I am going to uninstall you and give you a 1-star rating.

Only problem is, it can at times get extremely difficult to realize which app, in particular, is sending those notifications. Especially after downloading a substantial amount of them. Luckily enough, Lookout has us covered with their new Push Ad Detector.

The process is quite simple – just install the Detector and run a scan. It’ll give you a list of which apps use push-ad networks. the service also lists the networks used and helps you opt-out of these networks.

However, I don’t opt-out of them. I simply uninstall them. I’m not going to give a service private information, such as my IMEI, to stop them from spamming me.

Raveesh Bhalla
Multifaceted too the highest degree: I'm the co-founder of Apps Culture (an app development studio), an amateur golfer, former sport-blogger, now a tech blogger. And all this, while pursuing an undergrad degree in Computer Science in India.

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  1. It’s already to late!
    They will snail mail spam you now!

  2. What has the world come to?! The Mayans were right!

  3. FYI my wife installed the pintrist app and it sports ads to the notification bar. ANd now it is uninnstalled

    1. Have her use the Pintrest mobile site. Much better as it is official whereas the other apps are not.

  4. Awesome, I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile now.  Great find!

  5. Just found out that my favorite flash light app is responsible for the ads in my notification bar… Now it’s gone

    1.  Try Tiny Flashlight…. it’s very cool, I think you will like it.

  6. As a developer who makes money from in-app ads (Admob, specifically) I would like to see some statistics on what users prefer; notification bar ads versus in-app ads (that can be distracting and accidentally tapped such as in Angry Birds). How would people react to notification bar ads that only appear when you open the app?

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