Computers stay behind as smartphone shipments take over 2011


There is no doubt that 2011 was a fundamental year for the smartphone market. We saw a boom of Android devices at CES 2011, with a plethora of smartphones to take over the tech world. According to a study held by Canalys, smartphones went as far as to surpass Computer shipments last year, making it the year of the smartphone.

In the study, Client PCs include desktops, laptops, and even tablets. Yes, this means that even Android tablets count against smartphones, in this study. Canalys’ study states that there were about 158.5 million smartphone shipments in 2011, with computer shipments staying in the dust at 120.2 million.

Smartphone shipments experienced a 56.6% increase from 2010. Computer shipments increased, as well, but only by 16.3%

We saw a major adoption of smartphones last year. Mainly due to the fact that they became so accessible. There is an Android device for everyone, regardless of income or lifestyle.

The future looks bright for the smartphone market, with better specs coming out constantly. Mobile World Congress is expected to be filled with Quad-Core devices, which is something that existed only in our dreams a couple of years ago. In a future where smartphones are getting closer to matching PC power and functionality, it is hard to tell what 2012 studies will look like.

Companies like HTC are mentioning a higher focus on high-quality products this year, and CES 2012 didn’t even get close to being as huge for the Android ecosystem as 2011. Whether we have reached a peak or not, it is still to be seen. Do you guys think smartphone shipments will grow as much for 2012? Or will the market focus on fewer, but better smartphones?

[Source: Canalys Via: Engadget]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. i think smart phone shipping will continue to grow even larger, because everyone always wants the best things out, and there a still many people who have yet to get a smartphone.

  2. I hope the market will focus on focus on fewer, but better smartphones…
    Not 5 variations of the same phone model released 3 to 4 months apart the whole year…
    C’mon hTC start innovating again, Asus is shaming you…
    Asus = the new hTC… We will see @ MWC this Feb…
    Owner of a hTC Droid incredible 2 with stellar battery life that performs like a well, Android phone that just plain works like it should!

  3. Slightly off topic, but sort of about the “HTC/Higher Quality” comment:

    I think it’s weird (and somewhat cool) how HTC gives T-Mobile their highest build quality phones. It seems like they have a special relationship with each other. HTC did produce the first Android handset, and did it with T-Mobile, so maybe that has something to do with it.
    But honestly, the HTC phones that T-Mobile gets are the only thing keeping me on T-Mobile. I only get EDGE in town. But I don’t want a plastic Verizon/Sprint/AT&T HTC device.

    P.s., I have a Sensation 4G. Was thinking about an Amaze 4G but went with the Sensation because it’s cheaper, and I think it’s a better looking device. Still considering an Amaze 4G though. The build quality of that thing is even better than my Sensation, and the Sensation is built very nicely.

  4. Phone shipments regardless of smartphone or dumbphone have always been higher than computers. Since cellphones became popular before iPhones and Android, I reckon more people had phones than laptops? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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