Humble Bundle brings its pay-what-you-want indie games to Android


Humble Bundle has just launched its latest pack of indie games with a twist. For the first time ever, Android is among the supported operating systems (others include Windows, Max OS X, and Linux). Up for grabs are EDGE, Osmos, and Anomaly: War for Earth. If you are unfamiliar with the Humble Indie Bundle concept, every few weeks a new pack of games becomes available for a limited time. These games are available on a pay-as-you-will basis. You name the price, you own the games. You can download them as many times as you want on as many operating systems. Even more unique is the ability to choose how much of your money goes where. You can split the payment between Humble, the game developers, and charity. There is no punishment for paying too low, but paying over the average unlocks a bonus game, World of Goo. What started as an experiment in game distribution for small developers has become a platform for independent studios to showcase their finest works.

You can head over to the Humble Bundle site and plop down what you can to own the selection of great games. While some games easily outshine others, as a purchaser of several bundles in the past I can assure you any money you fork over will be well spent. And remember, don’t wait too long to purchase because the pack of excellent games will only be available for the next 14 days.

[via HumbleBundle]

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  1.  Also, anyone concerned about getting updates for these games on Android, looks like you might be covered:

  2. Anyone else try to use their $10 prepaid card on Google Wallet for this?  I cant figure out how to make it work.

  3. Support the EFF and get some excellent games? Yes please.

  4. I love this. This is the way to fight piracy, not restrictive DRM that punishes the consumer.

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