HTC Ville With Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0 Caught on Blurrycam Video


The HTC Ville, a thin and sleek smartphone said to be announced at Mobile World Congress next month, looks to have gotten leaked a bit prematurely. The device has been put on video for the world to see. What we’re looking at is a 4.3 device that has Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0. It’s rumored to have a qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and an 8 megapixel camera that will likely shoot HD video. As for HTC Sense, it’s definitely quite the looker. As early reports stated, HTC has updated the user interface for a cleaner look and feel. It also looks like performance has greatly improved. Be sure to take it all in by watching the video above. [HTC-Hub via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet! I might stick to HTC and get the new EVO once it arrives

  2. I would of like to of seen the landscape mode that everyone is reporting

  3. sleek device – and Sense 4.0 looks clean and smooth

    would still rather prefer vanilla android. unlocked bootloader? yes please.

  4. Is the Quadcore based on Cortex A15?

  5. Why would you do that to Android 4.0? Stock looks so much nicer.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. With the switch to the blue and dark color scheme, Sense looks dated and ugly.

    2. i was about to say the same thing… samsung and htc needs to get rid of their stupid UIs if they are going with ICS no need for those heavy UIs that looks ugly 

    3. Have to agree. Whenever I get my Desire out now it looks so ugly and dated compared to ICS on my GNex (not to mention it feels tiny now) and Sense 4 isn’t much of an improvement from what I saw in the video.

  6. Hard to tell from the video but it looked to me like there was lag. Too much Sense, probably. 

    1. No, you’re absolutely right, that phone was lag-city. Why HTC would dish it out in that state for testing I don’t know. That software seriously needs sorting out if that’s how it performs on a 1.5Ghz dual core processor. I know Android generally is pretty crappy vs iOS and WP when it comes to smoothness, but that phone is just a bad joke.

      1. wtf??? Dude shut ur trollin azz up. i hate douche bags like u, if ur such a phone whore (talkin bout u givin ur azz hole up to apple and microsoft) take ur lame bytch azz over to their forums and post retarded shyt and stop wasting space u pile of elephant shyt. fuqq off

        1. I’m not trolling, just stating some facts – if you don’t like them then that’s fine with me. Show me any Android phone and an iOS or WP phone with similar hardware, and I will show you how much smoother the iOS/WP software runs. There are many great things about Android, which is why I have an Android phone and I’m posting on an Android forum, but it’s undeniable that it’s underlying software architecture is not built with user interaction as number one priority. And with HTC coding up this rubbish, it just makes it worse.
          But well done for ignoring that fact and losing your temper so spectacularly on the internet at a stranger over a minor disagreement. Your mother must be so proud of the manners she’s brought up in you. Be sure to seek some medical assistance over your rage issues.

    2. you also have to assume that the graphics and animation were turned way up – possibly over-clocked processor, too.

      I am willing to bet that even with the performance seen on the video, battery life would be terrible.

  7. htc and their locked boot-loader is a no no for me.

  8. with a 1300 mah battery 

  9. Sense ruins another otherwise great phone. My SGS1 with CM7 runs smoother than this garbage.

  10. Pretty boring.

  11. And this guy gave out his phone number and the serial number of the phone…..
    I don’t think he will be testing another HTC device :D

  12. unnecessary screen animations, I’m sorry but that was a joke. Let me get clean slate Android 4.0 on a galaxy nexus.

    1. Let me get clean slate Android 4.0 on a galaxy nexus.”

      No one is stopping you…

    2. I liked the animations. And if you don’t, they can be turned off.. =p

  13. Awesome, I’m a big sense fan, I’ve had a few different stock ICS ROMs on my Desire HD but I go back to Sense 3.5 and Gingerbread every time. Now I just need to wait for a Sense 4 ROM.

  14. I only plan on owning a device from a company that doesn’t have OEM skin coming with the phone.  IE: Nexus brand will be the only brand that I own.

  15. I’m sorry is it just me or does Sense 4.0 look really ugly? A skin that looks worse than stock should be removed.

  16. Uh oh switched to private.
    Looks like someone is in trouble.
    switch from the sensation to the samsung galaxy s 2 and haven’t look bck. Htc blows

  17. Damn video is private now, I missed it. Anyone know where else I can see it?

    1. Thanks for the re-up!

  18. I just got the HTC rezound yesterday, It’s great and really fast. Screen is much better than the bionic.

  19. The device looks nice. Reminds me of the Nexus One which I still consider one of the sexiest Android devices on the planet. =)

  20. It’s funny how people give their negative opinion of this phone. If you don’t like it. Don’t buy it. If you like the Gnex then buy that. It you hate sense. Oh well. It’s not like HTC is going to change it because of you guys.

    1. It’s funny that HTC keeps trotting out these garbage-ridden phones defiantly while the consumer base doesn’t want their junk plastered over ICS. Good companies listen to their customers.

  21. You know, I think this is a fairly sexy device, but I hope that oems really do start to scale back on the number of different phones they produce each year. That way, instead of products that are just barely top of the line, maybe, just maybe we will start to see handsets that are truly blow the doors off, state-of -the-art, can’t touch this-type of devices.

    And I for one would love to see htc make a device that looks like that nexus prime mockup that somebody did back in the fall, the one that looked kind of like a nexus one with a completely mirrored face. Or did I dream that?

  22. I have always had stock android, and finally got a htc device with sense 3.0/5 and I have to say I enjoy the change.  I of course use custom roms so I’m always hopping around.  I do enjoy that HTC’s widgets (especially weather) can have such fancy effects on the home screens.  I haven’t known stock android to be able to do such things.  It seems with HTC’s new unlocked bootloader direction, who cares if they Sense their phones, if you like the specs you can buy it and flash over to a AOSP rom.  Though so far Sense 4.0 isn’t impressing me.

  23. Sense made sense (no pun intended!) back in the old windows mobile and android 1.x days. But now with the strides that google has made in improving the overall user experience sense doesn’t make sense anymore! (again…no pun intended!) There should be the option in future htc phones to shut off sense. All of the smartphones I’ve ever owned have been htc (3 WinMo and 1 android devices). But I think my my touch 4G will be my last htc device. I think that I want to switch to the nexus or something that will run stock 4.0!

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