Samsung Epic 4G 2 (SPH-D705) Shows Up In Cellbrite System – Where’s It Headed?


Right before we enter into the weekend, we get a juicy bit of news. Apparently, the Samsung SPH-D705 — otherwise known as the Epic 4G 2 — has popped up in the Cellebrite system indicating the device could be launching sometime in the very near future. Before you get mixed up, keep in mind we’re talking about the sequel to the OG Samsung Epic 4G that was launched on Sprint and Verizon. Remember that big boned device? The one with the QWERTY keyboard?

Originally, the device was rumored to hit Sprint sometime during Q3 of 2011, but that came and went without neither hide nor hair of the Epic 4G 2. It further received its WiFi certification but still — nothing. We’re still not even sure if the device will actually arrive on Sprint. Once the Epic 4G Touch arrived on the scene, it’s very possible Sprint passed up on the Epic 4G 2 in favor of the more attractive slate form factor. Besides, how confused do you think it would make customers with the “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G 2” and “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch” both on the same network?

That being said, it’s possible we could see this device launching a smaller regional carrier similar to what happened with the HTC Merge back when it was originally supposed to hit Verizon Wireless, only to show up months later on US Cellular.

[ACSyndicate | Via TheVerge]

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  1. I am still waiting to see what else Sprint will be releasing. I’m going to pass on the GNex

    1. I doubt anything good will be released before June or so.

    2. Yeah, i think I am too. Software updates may not be enough to get a phone with inferior hardware and no SD slot. I dunno.

  2. I bought my OG Epic because of the hardware keyboard and I can’t remember the last time I used it to type anything… On screen keyboards have surpassed my expectations with the advancement of SwiftKey X and Swype along with others… I now long for a lighter and thinner phone such as the Epic Touch…It’s funny how our phone habits evolve based on needs that didn’t even exist just a year or even a few months earlier… Gotta love the fast paced world of smartphone technology. :-)… If only our phones weren’t outdated within 3 months of buying them!!!

  3. If sprint ever gets the galaxy note I can only imagine the name they will give it. Samsung galaxy note sprint super epic 4g touch journal.

  4. I think sprint took their course on names from the same place konami did for street fighter

  5. its just going to be the sprint and Verizon verision of the captivate glide

  6. It can’t be 4G WIMAX, it had to be 4G LTE cause Sprint said they won’t be releasing anymore 4G WIMAX DEVICES this year and coming. 

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      1. How in tha hell do you have a step aunt? Your step parents’ sister? You can really have step relatives? I just thought it was aunt regardless. 

  7. Verizon never got the Epic 4G. They got the Stratosphere, which is a different phone.

    1. It does have a Sprint model number… SPH-D*** are exclusive to Sprint.
      Samsung follows the same naming conventions for all of their phones.

      GT-I = Google
      SCH-U, SCH-I = Verizon Wireless, Alltel or US Cellular
      SGH-A, SGH-I = at&t Wireless 
      SPH-D, SPH-M, SPH-Z = Sprint, Nextel, Virgin or Boost
      SGH-T = T-Mobile USA or Tracfone 
      SCH-M = Tracfone
      SWD-M = Alltel
      SCH-R = US Cellular, MetroPCS, Cricket, Alltel, or regional carriers

  8. Hint: This is a Sprint device. SPH code means Sprint device. It is a GOOD possibility this goes to Boost or Vigin as their first 4G pre-paid device

    1. good observation, Captain.

      1. His name is korey

        1. Captain Korey to you ;)

  9. I got VERY excited thinking it was going to be the Skyrocket HD version for Sprint.  DAMMNNNNN!!

  10. I love hard keyboards. Onscreen keyboards sucks for fat fingers i dont care what anyone says.

  11. The Epic 4G was never on Verizon. You must be thinking of the Stratosphere.

  12. Is that why it cant be wimax jeanne?

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