ASUS Working to Get Fix for Transformer Prime ICS Lockups in February


ASUS remains one of the more vocal OEMs these days as they have identified the widely-reported ASUS Transformer Prime lockup issue that has sprung up after the update to Android 4.0. They hope to have a fix out this February but couldn’t give a more specific window than that.

They also plan to fix some WiFi and Bluetooth dropout issues with a server side fix, something they are also aiming to fix next month. ASUS is currently collecting serial numbers from users through technical marketing manager Gary Keys on XDA.

They’ll be trying to mirror your device to see if it’s affected with the problems identified. Are any of you experiencing these things following your Ice Cream Sandwich update? [XDA via The Verge]

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  1. No issues here other than the occasional uncommanded reboot.

  2. No issue with French Asus Transformer Prime.

    1. so a standard asus transformer prime with a language pack?

      1. I think this is the international product (Prime 64Gb with keyboard) BCOKASxxxxxxx with
        I have no reboot issue. Bluetooth work fine with an Jamebox BT speaker & wifi G.
        Shadogun THD, Simcity, diceplayer run fine
        No stock browser lags, some lag on Opera.

        Issues that I have is on the “eco mode” : it look that the screen is not fully refreshed, I could see some shadow elements on the screen like on a Plasma Monitor.

        The other issue had only appeared one time :
        2 inch totaly scrambleded block as appeared on the left. 

  3. Nothing really here to report except that there is some lagginess with Go Launcher which is probably a developer issue and still issues with Flash playback on some but not all sites.

  4. I had the issue and returned it. Bought a second unit and it works great. What I did notice is the second time I updated my firmware it did not immediately download. It showed that it was checking firmware integrity for a couple of minutes. This did not happen on the first prime.

  5. My serial number starts with “BC” and it has zero problems, both with HC and now with ICS.

  6. My 32gb grey prime had this issue, so I returned it. It would lock up, and reboot every 5 minutes or so. I returned mine.

  7. I get ocassional lock-ups that cause a reboot but it is very few and far between.  Still annoying as hell.

  8. just wait for the upgraded tabbie!

  9. Asus having so many problems with the Transformer Prime.

  10. I have no regrets returning my prime, too many QC problems. There are better quad core tabs coming soon such as the TF700t and the rumored samsung quad core tab.

  11. I have a lot of browser lag, including while using boat browser/opera…hope they fix that.

  12. I am having browser issues since ics update it fcs and locks up sometimes I have to restart the tab to get it to work again

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