LG Spectrum update fixes Netflix playback


With a little over a week of sales under its belt, the LG Spectrum is prepped to receive its first over-the-air software update. The 10MB download brings the phone’s software version to VS920ZV4 and doesn’t provide much in the way of major changes. Rather, it addresses an issue with streaming movies from Netflix. Seeing as Verizon and LG are putting a lot behind the phone’s 720p display and positioning the phone as a powerful media consumption device, they surely want to get their ducks in a row when it comes to a popular service like Netflix. If you aren’t a Netflix user, however, it appears this update will provide little benefit to you. Look for it to start reaching handsets soon.

[AndroidCentral via PocketNow]

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  1. Wow at&t. Our LG Thrill has been out since September (only dual core on 2.2) and we haven’t had 1 MB of update data provided at all yet Verizon is already updating the Spectrum. You guys SUCK major d*ck!!!!!

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