AT&T has ‘best-ever’ quarter, reports record smartphone sales


The final months of 2011 were good to AT&T, the carrier has revealed. In the fourth quarter of last year AT&T moved more smartphones than ever before, racking up 9.4 million sales, the majority of which can be attributed to the iPhone. Apple’s device sold 7.6 million units, leaving a combination of Android and other platforms to mop up the remaining 1.8 million. Regardless, the figures amount to record sales for both Apple and Google’s smartphone platform on AT&T as AT&T nearly doubled their Q3 numbers and posted a total 50 percent higher than their previous quarterly record. It all helped to amount to a total consolidated revenue of $32.5 billion, a 3.6 percent increase year-over-year for AT&T.

Best-Ever Mobile Broadband Sales and Strong Cash Flows Highlight AT&T’s Fourth-Quarter Results; Stock Buyback Begins on Previous 300 Million Share Authorization

2012 Outlook: Solid Revenue, Margins and Earnings Growth with Strong Free Cash Flow
Dallas, Texas, January 26, 2012

  • $(1.12) diluted EPS in fourth quarter compared to $0.18 diluted EPS in the year-ago period. Excluding significant items for both quarters, EPS of $0.42 compared to $0.55 in the year-ago quarter, driven by the company’s best-ever quarter for smartphone activations — up nearly 60 percent year over year
  • Consolidated revenues of $32.5 billion, up $1.1 billion, or 3.6 percent, versus the year-earlier period
  • In 2011, AT&T’s growth engines — wireless, wireline data and managed services — represented 76 percent of total revenues and grew 7.5 percent versus 2010, led in the fourth quarter by:
  • 10.0 percent growth in wireless revenues
  • 19.4 percent growth in wireless data revenues, up $956 million versus the year-earlier quarter
  • 16.4 percent growth in strategic business services revenues
  • 43.7 percent growth in consumer U-verse revenues
  • 9.4 million smartphone sales, best-ever quarter and 50 percent more than previous quarterly record and nearly double 3Q11 sales; 82 percent of postpaid sales were smartphones
  • 717,000 wireless postpaid net adds, the largest increase in five quarters; 2.5 million increase in total net wireless subscribers, with gains in every customer category
  • Best-ever quarter for Android and Apple smartphones, including 7.6 million iPhone activations
  • 571,000 branded computing device (tablets, aircards, etc.) sales, best-ever quarter to reach 5.1 million total subscribers; up almost 70 percent from a year ago
  • 12th consecutive quarter with a year-over-year increase in postpaid wireless subscriber ARPU (average monthly revenues per subscriber), up 1.4 percent to $63.76 — more than $6 higher than nearest competitor’s ARPU
  • Second consecutive quarter of sequential growth in wireline business revenues
  • Sixth consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth in wireline consumer revenues, driven by AT&T U-verse® services
  • 208,000 net gain in AT&T U-verse TV subscribers to reach 3.8 million in service, with continued high broadband and voice attach rates
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  1. So why did AT&T supposedly need to swallow up T-Mobile again?

  2. Wow! iPhone sure is holding its own against the Android onslaught. Wonder how it’s doing on Sprint?

  3. Well the iPhone is still the phone for the masses because it’s so simple to use you could teach it to a Rescue monkey. It can do less than an Android, but most users only use: call/text/email, browser, Facebook, twitter, games. That’s how the iPhone holds it’s ground.
    Or ask an iPhone user to create a vpn from your phone to your mac/pc, the answer will probably be what is a vpn or a PC for the very fanatic apple users.
    I am by no means saying Apple users are dumb, they are just not very comfortable with technology most of the time.

    1. People who bought the 4s are a bunch of FOOLS!

  4. The iPhone sales are impressive but keep in mind a huge chunk are upgrades of existing users.  Android is likely gaining more ‘new’ activations.

    1. Not so fast:

      36% of iPhone 4s buyers switched from Android

      Nice try…

      1. ah cute, look at the wittle proud iSheep! Look how good we did! with our 1Phone that was scrapped together from iPad 2 parts and a app that that was bought two years ago named siri, whipped it all together with the same size screen as 2007 1Phone1, no 4G, no more ram all in a speedy 18months; voila iPone4$

        1. Typical fandroid response…..do nothing to refute the FACTS presented in the above rebuttal; instead throw off on some juvenile iSheep rant….so predictable

          1. Predictable is, how iSheep flock to earnings reports and how much money Apple made AT YOUR EXPENSE for sub par hardware, closed simple software, old crap sold as new…, Siri a iPone 4 app for FREE is then pulled off the market and bought by Apple, half baked almost 2 years later yet no iPone4 compatibility? it’s server based iSheep! it can prolly run on 1Phone1! NO Company is worse for their fans as Fapple, they do the least for the most :( iSad @ iSheep :(

          2. *Still waiting for a response to the actual POINT that I raised….I won’t hold my breath*

        2. Hey, I like this post! Its cool …

      2. iphone 4s benefited from a single phenomenon. death of steve jobs generated a whole lot of sympathy purchases. The same happened after michael jackson’s death, john lenon etc. Its a rare quarter that apple can push more iphones out than the android collective. iphone winning 1 out of 12 quarters is not exactly a winning strategy. Q2 we will see android resuming their sales stretch over iphones. Tablets is now starting to make the same albeit slower momentum. ipad market shares of 89% is now down to 61% in just a bit more than 1 years time like how iphone had a much much larger share than android and all the ifans kept saying “no no its too late you won’t win”. Fast forward to 2011 and android has firmly taken over. No reason to believe it won’t keep going. Notice how ifans have stopped using the “its too late” boring adage. 

        1. So Apple sold 37 million iPhones because people were paying tribute to Steve Jobs…..right….if that’s what you need to convince yourself of, be my guest….*chuckles*

          Actually, it was Android that benefited greatly from Apple holding on to carrier exclusives for so long. The fact that the iPhone outsold all Android devices COMBINED on AT&T and Verizon (and I’m willing to bet Sprint also) clearly demonstrates what many have known all along: the average consumer (not geeks and Apple haters) settled for Android primarily because the iPhone was unavailable to them on their carrier of choice. Now there is simply no reason for the average consumer to settle for a pretend iPhone when the real thing is sitting right next to it. Classic rope-a-dope strategy employed by Apple….this is just the beginning

          Ha ha…

          1. wow the little iSheep really moves around! Maybe instead of wasting your breath on phandroids you,  get in line for iPone5, I hear it’s coming this summer! better hurry it will be Steve job’s greatest final achievement from the grave! oh wait that is Siri TV lol! oh wait your leader is dead and the only way we can feel secure is by talking about earnings!!

            BTW, it is the arrogance of iFans and their iFan media writers that make the rest of us, not phandroids, BUT technology fans of all BUT apple, is because of iFans like you! ra ra ra go hump another iSheep why don’t ya!

          2. Would you please point out where I talked about earnings? Boy you have no idea how to respond to an actual point that someone made, do you??

            This isn’t about earnings at all…..Apple has owned that category from the beginning. Apple has began their assault on the only trump card you pretend-iPhone owners have left……say it with me, you can do it, m—m—market share!


            Would you like some tissue, fandroid??? ;-)

  5. Android don’t even come close to Apple sales. Lol. I still think iPhone is a small phone for my hands. It is a chick phone and men with small hands! No joke!

  6. Android don’t even come close to Apple sales. Lol. I still think iPhone is a small phone for my hands. It is a chick phone and men with small hands! No joke!

  7. Android don’t even come close to Apple sales. Lol. I still think iPhone is a small phone for my hands. It is a chick phone and men with small hands! No joke!

  8. Android don’t even come close to Apple sales. Lol. I still think iPhone is a small phone for my hands. It is a chick phone and men with small hands! No joke!

  9. Q1 is going to be a better measure of sales because Android and Apple will not have the advantage of huge flagship launches. 

  10. Wtf my HTC inspire did repeat.

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