Sony Tablet S owned 26 percent of the Android tablet market in October


It may not garner as much attention in the press as Samsung’s constantly under fire Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the powerhouse ASUS Transformer Prime, but the Sony Tablet S quietly carved out a place for itself as a top selling Android tablet. After its September launch, Sony is reporting that the more traditional of their two Android tablet offerings held a 26 percent share of the Android tablet market in October, enough to be considered the top-selling slate running Google’s OS for the month. After the stellar start, sales did decline over the holidays as consumers turned to other offerings, including the non-Android BlackBerry PlayBook.

Sony has to be more than pleased with the results and will surely look to strengthen their tablet lineup in the new year. With such a positive response for the Tablet S we expect the company will focus on the strength of its recognizable design and veer away from experimenting with more unique form factors, but don’t be surprised if Sony pulls out another quirky tablet innovation sometime this year. Both the Tablet S and Tablet P will receive an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in the spring.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. in the source it state that was in the UK, that’s not global

    1. thats cause uk and europe are the main markets no one cares about usa mobile market it sucks

  2. The only tablet (I know of) that has IR capability.  Has build in remote software.  Very cool!

    1. Galaxy Tab 7.0 has it as well.

    2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and soon to be release Galaxy Tab 7.7 has the IR capability. I have the 7.7 wifi from China and it doesn’t have the IR, but does have a beautiful Super AMOLED screen….

    3. Vizio tablet does as well. 

  3. I have to admit that I every time i go to best buy to loiter this is the one android table that consistently draws my admiration.

  4. I bought both the Sony Tablet S & the Galaxy Tab 10.1, played with both, ended up selling the Sony Tablet S back on ebay and kept the Galaxy Tab.  The battery life on the Sony is horrible, can barely make it through 1 day,  where I can go 3-4 days without charging my Galaxy Tab.  Also, the deal breaker was there was no root for the Sony Tablet S,  while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has root and has a rocking ROM from Task650.

  5. I primarily got this because of the IR capability.  It’s also a neat little unit and a nice complement to my Galaxy Nexus.

    I also bought one of these for my wife and now we both have two docking stations.  My wife has hers in the kitchen and on the bedside table.  Mine are on my work desk and my home desk.  When docked they both go to the clock screen so we use it as a bedside clock.

    The unusual form factor (i.e. the wedge shape) is comfortable for reading in portrait or using on a desk in landscape.  One thing to note is that when using some older apps they sometimes force me (because of their orientation) to hold the tablet with my right hand rather than my left. 

  6. I’m holding a Transformer Prime as I type this. I’m sorry people, but ICS on the sexy Prime smokes anything and everything else out there. Honeycomb is buggy, and the penta-core Prime is smooth as butter. Don’t even get me started on the multi-function dock. This thing ROCKS!!!

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