Motorola to Showcase 24 Hours of Battery Might at Feb. 6 RAZR MAXX Event?


With other hardware staying the same, the only way Motorola plans to differentiate the RAZR MAXX from the original is through its 3300mAh battery. Forget that it adds a bit of thickness onto the device, this thing holds some juice! A tip has gone out that February 6th will bring us a demonstration of said juice with a Motorola event that will see the RAZR MAXX bombarded with action for 24 hours straight while attempting to maintain a single charge. With its large display and LTE radio, battery life was certainly a concern of the original RAZR and looks to be a concern of smartphone manufacturers going forward. Rumors have placed the launch of the RAZR MAXX on January 26th. It isn’t clear if news of Motorola’s demonstration has any bearing on the release of the device.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Easy way to get good battery life on a motorola phone without adding a ridiculously huge battery: get rid of any app that was made by motorola.  My deblurred atrix gets 48 hours easy using the stock kernel under moderate use.  In fact I have to try really hard not to make it 24 hours on a single charge.

    1. One word…….LTE!

      1. Actually that’s one acronym so it’s kinda 3 words ;)

        I think an Atrix with 48hrs is pretty good going.  I plan to go for CM9 on my GS2 to remove the bloat it comes with, although I think it’s pretty limited compared to the a Motorola.

  2. “Bombarded with action for 24 hours straight” doesn’t exactly define the test conditions.

    * Screen on? How bright?
    * LTE on? How much data will be transferred?
    * Wifi on too? How about GPS?
    * Background data sync on?
    * Bloatware services that come with the phone on their default settings?
    * Games?

    You can be guaranteed that they will pass their own test.

    That being said… All phones should really pack these bigger batteries (replacable or not). Rather than boasting about how uselessly “thin” they are, just add 1mm to it for 50 – 100% more mAh of juice, please! Shouldn’t have to buy an extended battery/replacement batteries just to get an “all day” phone.

  3. It’s a phone!  Relax!

  4. Motorola is run by jerks. Unencrypt and unlock my bootloader now!

  5. Green Power Pro allows me to be left with 70% battery life at the end on an 8 hour work day with my E4GT. Amazing how much power you can save by turning off data when you don’t need it.

  6. I don’t care if it can run 7 days on a charge… is running gingerbread, has a locked boot loader, blur, and tons of bloat ware…

    I don’t want it!

    1. what has ics and an unlocked bootloader? the nexus?

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