Jan 17th, 2012

I scream, you scream, we all scream when we can’t update to Ice Cream. That’s the tune some Transformer Prime owners are singing after being unable to update their supertabs to the latest version of Android’s delectable desserts. As so often is the case when dealing with Android updates, a bug has presented itself in the T-Prime’s software that isn’t allowing the OTA to recognize the tab’s serial number. And no serial number means no update.

ASUS has acknowledged the bug and has opened up an official thread on XDA where a quick fix was given by way of a good ‘ol fashioned reboot or factory reset. This is by no means 100% effective but could help in some cases. For more help you can visit the thread on XDA where Gary Key of ASUS mentioned they are “very close to a finalizing a fix.” Hang in there, guys.

[XDA via Engadget]

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