Jan 9th, 2012

I’m here at the Samsung press conference at CES where Samsung is about to give us the scoop on their tech dominance. They’ve sold 300 Million Galaxy devices, they sell a TV every 2 seconds, they’ve got the #1 Refrigerator for the 3rd straight year, and they’re about to show us “the future of consumer electronics”. Let’s see what they got.

They’re focusing on connecting all the various devices that Samsung produces… with the television at the heart. Smart Interaction, Smart Content, Smart Evolution.

Samsung is introducing what they call an “Evolution Kit” which allows you to update your TV every year, improving speed and performance. The first TV they’ve announced at CES is the ES8000 with a super slim bezel and dual-core processor, U-shaped stand, and front-facing camera in units that go up to 72-inches.

Look at the size of the screen compared to the border… pretty sick!

Back to “Smart Evolution”… in 2012, Samsung TVs will have special “slots” with chips in them that help power the TV. With each passing year, Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to update their TV by inserting a new card that Sammy ships out. Details were sparse but we’re told they’re coming soon. Samsung also announced interesting updates to Media Hub and File Sharing/Syncing through their televisions, but nothing head-turning.

Zip past Smart Cameras and Smart Appliances and we see what many people have been waiting for… the Samsung Galaxy Note which we saw announced this morning. The Galaxy Note is a 5.6-inch Android device with 4G LTE connectivity headed to AT&T in the coming months. It comes with an S-Pen that allows in-app annotations and screen grabs, extending functionality across the board. Imagine opening up Google Maps to a location, jotting down a note with your S-Pen, doing a screen grab, and SMSing over to a friend. Love the idea. Great stuff.

Another Android device which Samsung openly announced prior to their press conference was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7:

I’m not sure why all these companies insist on preemptively posting press releases prior to their actual press conference? But nonetheless… it’s their show, we should let them run it! After following up with the announcement of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook, they turned on the lights and let us evacuate to catch the other 10 million events required by our schedule.

I’m a bit disappointed, but understandingly so… I think Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will prove a bit more exciting for Samsung. As one of the dominant manufacturers, you get the sense they’re holding back a bit at CES, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash the next wave of exclusiveness. Regardless, we’ll be headed to Samsung’s CES booth to get our mittens on the Note and Tab 7.7, reporting back with our opinions.

What do you think of Samsung’s CES 2012 announcements?