Jan 5th, 2012

Though it hasn’t caught on, several companies have attempted to push the use of HD webcams for family-sized video chat on the living room TV set. We saw an accessory accompany the Logitech Revue, but here’s a standalone Android device that won’t require Google TV. Couple a Tegra 2 processor with a modified version of Android, the all-in-one TelyHD does just one thing: place high-quality video calls using Skype. Does the whole thing seem like overkill considering the same hardware and functionality can be found in many currently available Android handsets? Probably. Does the quality of video calls and ease of use justify a $249.99 price tag? Probably not. The Logitech Revue plus its HD webcam accessory come in at around the same price and offer a much wider range of functionality. The TelyHD is still worth highlighting for the interesting way it uses the Android ecosystem.

[Tely via AndroidCommunity]