Samsung Offers Dead Space For Free On Galaxy S II Devices [Download]


I’ve had my eye on EA’s Dead Space for quite sometime now. Wishing… waiting… Well, the time to jump on the game is now. Samsung and EA are currently teaming up to offer the mobile version of the hit console title for free — but only inside Samsung Apps store for Galaxy S II devices. If you’re anything like me, you rushed into your app drawer only to realize that Samsung forgot to include this bloatware on your GS2 device. While “Samsung Apps” comes preloaded in Galaxy S II devices overseas, sadly users here in the states have been left out.

But don’t fret, folks! I happened upon the extracted app where it can be easily sideloaded onto your GSII. Once installed, perform a quick search inside Samsung Apps to find Dead Space and download it for absolutely free. Have at it, boys and girls!

Samsung Apps For Galaxy S II Devices Link

Samsung Apps has featured quite a few paid apps for free in the past, so you might want to leave it on your device for the time being. We’ll keep you updated if we hear about any more great deals. Cheers!

[Via DroidGamers]

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  1. I’ve from Australia, and got Samsung Apps on my Galaxy S II (UK model, running stock firmware). But I can’t find the app when I search in Samsung Apps. Maybe a geoblock?

    1. Got it without problem in Canada. Was the first item in the featured list.

    2. AU here (imported phone as well), can’t find it either :(

    3. Also from Australia with a UK model on stock. Cannot find the app through search, but able to locate using Categories -> Games -> EA -> Dead Space. Installed and working without issues.

  2. Well doesn’t work on galaxy nexus worth a try

    1. Thank you for saving me the trouble of trying it myself.

      1. Have a friend that has an SGSII use “Myappshare” to send you the apk for Dead Space. Looks and works beautifully on the Nexus

    2. Gotta have that “II,” bruh… O_o

      1. All worked out well on my SGSII (Epic Touch)… Thanks CC! Looks like a pretty cool game, too!

        1. Yeah, it’s one of the better ones for Android. Scary too! :))

  3. Change build.prop?
    I’ll try

  4. I have an Optus SGSII here in AUS, and I found it. Working like a charm.  136MB download.  

  5. Sweet it’s working on my Droid Charge

  6. I have a Rooted Tmo SGS2 (T-989) and it won’t install. Tried pushing it too, no luck.

  7. I kinda lyk this market place. All these random free apps. Pretty cool. I lyk seeing “Galaxy S2 only”. Makes me feel special. :P

    Errthings running fine on the Epic 4G Touch.

  8. Installed but keep getting network not available on my epic touch

  9. Hassle free here in malaysia. Superb samsung! sgs2

  10. Samsung have been great with this recently – I’ve got Roboto, Modern Combat 2, Bang Bang Racing, and now this. They’ve also done Riptide, Sprinkle and a number of other high quality games for free!

  11. Virgin Mobile Canada here and got it no issue’s

  12. Got it on my TMobile GSII no problem.

  13. I love this. I just searched galaxy and it came up with all the free games offered. Loving the epic more everyday.

  14. Awesome, worked on Samsung Exhibit II and the game even runs great.

  15. just downloaded this on my SGSII. freaking awesome game.
    SGSII FTW!! No lag smooth like butterbutter

  16. Awesome, even the games that say they will only work on the gsii are working on the exhibit ii. Modern Combat 2 is a little laggy though.

  17. Woo.

  18. Wtf, I can’t find it. Searched “Dead Space” & “Galaxy” and couldn’t find it. Boo!

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